Ellen: Steven Tyler on American Idol, Aerosmith & Addiction


Ellen: Steven Tyler American Idol

Ellen DeGeneres and Steven Tyler are in an exclusive club, as one of a handful of celebrities who have served as judges on American Idol. But despite this common link, Ellen said she’s had a hard time pinning the rocker down for an interview until now.

Ellen: Steven Tyler Engagement

Ellen: Idol's Steven Tyler

Ellen caught up with American Idol judge Steven Tyler, who shared his engagement & addiction stories. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen congratulated Steven Tyler on his recent engagement to longtime girlfriend Erin Brady, though she was sure that some ladies in the audience would be disappointed. Steven said he met her fiance through the music business, and they hit it off when she tied a scarf around him.

In a picture of the happy couple, Steven looked more ladylike than his fiance, which is not at all an indictment of her femininity. He said that she handles his fans and groupies well, and he gives her credit for handling it with grace. Steven admitted that his family has had trouble in the past maintaining private lives in the face of his popularity.

Ellen: American Idol’s Steven Tyler

Ellen brought up the initial reaction to Steven Tyler’s addition to the American Idol judges panel. 2012 marks his second season on the show, and she recalled that initial reaction from fans as well as his band, Aerosmith, seemed to be shock.


Ellen: Steven Tyler Addiction & Sobriety

“I didn’t tell them,” he said of his band. He said he and his bandmates keep to themselves, explaining that they had grown apart in recent years. He told a story about falling off a stage, which inspired him to check into rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic, “to fix the shoes that helped me slip.”

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Steven Tyler has now been sober for two years, and he said his addition struggles were a consequence of his rocker lifestyle. When he got the American Idol gig, he said his bandmates were “like an old girlfriend,” wondering why they didn’t get advance notice.

But since last year, the band has resolved their differences and is preparing to get back out on the road this summer.

Ellen: American Idol Auditions

Ellen said that some American Idol fans skip the audition phase and don’t start watching until the competition begins. Steven said he has fun at the auditions, and he feels like they’ve found many more stars this year, as compared to 2011.

“I could never have done that,” he said of the aspiring singers who are making their way in the post-millennial music business.


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