Ellen: Steven Tyler Did Cocaine Onstage During Concerts


Ellen: Steven Tyler’s Voice & Opiate Addiction

Ellen DeGeneres shared a clip of Steven Tyler performing the song “Dream On” for his fellow American Idol judges. She said that many artists don’t sound as good as they age, but that Steven’s voice has remained the same.

“You sound as good, if not better,” Ellen said.


Ellen: Steven Tyler Cocaine

Singer Steven Tyler explained how out of control his drug addiction got, and why he now wants to stay sober. (Image Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Steven Tyler said that he was addicted to opiates, which did affect his voice, but he said he didn’t care. “You don’t think about anything when you do drugs,” he said. “You just become selfish. Everything gets myopic, and you feel good.”

He said it’s a foolish and self-sustaining mentality that cuts you off from your senses and experiences. He said being sober reminds him of being a kid again, and has rekindled his passion and fire for music.


Ellen: Steven Tyler Cocaine Secrets

In his recent book, Steven Tyler explained how he used to secretly do drugs like cocaine, mixed with alcohol, while onstage during Aerosmith concerts.

“If it wasn’t for cocaine, I don’t think the band would’ve played every state in the United States nine times in seven years,” he said.

Looking back, he said that the consequences are not worth the risks, and he doesn’t want to risk his health or freedom by continuing to abuse drugs.

Steven said he’d rather focus on enjoying the experience of being in a popular and successful band.

“Stand for something in the rock and roll community,” he said, “or you’ll fall for anything. I don’t want to do drugs anymore, for that reason.”

Ellen: Steven Tyler Sobriety

Ellen reminded everyone that Steven Tyler is celebrating two years of sobriety. She asked why this was the right time for him to get his act together. Steven admitted he had been in rehab five times, and he said you’re never sure if it will work while you’re going through that.

He said he sticks to his program and no longer associates with the people who were enabling his access to drugs. But it is a constant process, day by day.

He recalled getting sober in 1988, and eventually relapsed. But now he said he’s past being a bad boy, and he’s working on a new album. Looking back, he can see everything that his addiction cost him, and he is taking his lessons seriously.

Ellen said she appreciates Steven’s unpredictability as an American Idol judge. Read more about Steven Tyler’s Engagement.


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