Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Twitch Dance Lesson | Millennium Dance


Ellen: Sophia Grace and Rosie

When today’s tutu forecast called for blue, Sophia Gracie and Rosie did not disappoint. Ellen wondered whether the tutus were getting bigger on each visit.

Rosie even noted that her tutu is currently larger than Sophia Grace’s. I wonder how that makes her truly feel inside. Sophia Grace reported that this pair of British children have another four weeks to spend in America. Is it already summer in England? If not, shouldn’t these girls be in school?


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Dance

Sophia Grace & Rosie got some dance lessons from Twitch to learn new moves.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Santa Monica Beach

Sophia Grace loves swimming at the beach or in the pool. “I go underwater with my goggles, and I go so far into the sea. It’s just so good. I love it,” she said. She’s open to being bitten by fish while swimming.

The girls showed pictures from their trip to Santa Monica Beach, but didn’t have any animal sightings to report. “We saw seaweed and it smelled awful,” Sophia Grace said.


Rosie was very impressed with the dry sand. I feel like the few things she says must be deeply philosophical on some level, until I remember that she is six and this is just her conversational level.

Ellen asked what the girls miss about their English homeland during their extended American vacations, which seem to conveniently coincide with Ellen’s Sweeps months.

“I miss my cat Poppy,” Sophia Grace said. “She’s so funny. She’s really naughty.” The girls were inexplicably delighted by a picture of the cat in question.

Ellen: Twitch Dance Lesson & Millennium Dance Complex

There are only so many interviews Ellen can do with the same two children (one would assume, anyway), so she is sending them out of the studio to have other experiences for us to laugh at. Today their assignment was to get a dance lesson from Twitch at the Millennium Dance Complex.

“I love dancing,” announced Rosie, which is good because that’s her best skill as a Hype Girl. The girls ran into Twitch, who taught them a special hip hop dance routine. The girls demonstrated some of their own moves, which are quite accomplished for their age levels.

Twitch threw a little robot move in the mix, and it looks like the girls will learn a few new tricks at this lesson after all. I am not coordinated enough to dance, but it’s fun to watch talented people of any age do it. I guess that’s the appeal of Dancing With The Stars and its ilk.

Of course the girls can’t go an entire dance lesson without a break for tea (Hugh Grant Hated The Tea). Twitch made time for tea with the girls, even trying his best English accent. How do they get celebrities to play along with these kids?

Feeling refreshed, the girls got back to work, doing the Running Man and chasing Twitch around the dance studio.


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