Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Los Angeles Dodgers Game


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Los Angeles Dodgers

Ellen recently sent child YouTube sensations Sophia Grace & Rosie to a Los Angeles Dodgers game, where the girls were allowed to throw the first ball of the game.

“Did you know about baseball before you went to see the baseball game?” Ellen asked the girls.


Sophia Grace & Rosie: Dodgers

Ellen sent Sophia Grace & Rosie to a Los Angeles Dodgers game. (Eric Broder Van Dyke / Shutterstock.com)

“No,” Sophia¬†said. “We did see it on the tele [sic], but we’d never done it before.”

“Rosie, did you have fun?” Ellen asked.


“Very much fun,” Rosie said. “And I throwed [sic] the first pitch.”

“We had these pink gloves,” Sophia said. “It was actually quite good because we learned how to hold a baseball.”

Ellen then showed video highlights from the girls’ time at the Dodgers game.

As always, the girls were wearing tutus, but they were blue and white tutus to show support for the Dodgers. They also had blue baseball caps on. They looked absolutely adorable.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Andre Ethier

Sophia and Rosie got to talk to Andre Ethier, right fielder for the Dodgers. It was really funny because they weren’t even as tall as his waist.

“I saw you guys on YouTube!” Andre said.

“What’s your favorite thing about baseball?” Sophia asked.

“You get to go out and smash things with a bat,” he said. “Usually a baseball.”

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Matt Guerrier

Sophia and Rosie then got to hang out in the dugout with Matt Guerrier, pitcher for the Dodgers.

“I’ve got some socks like that in Englandm” Rosie said, gesturing to Matt‘s socks. “They’re pink and brown.”

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Throw First Pitch

Before they threw the first pitch at the Dodgers game, Sophia and Rosie asked Don Mattingly, the Dodgers‘ manager, for some advice about pitching.

“Just let it fly,” he said. “Just chuck it as far as you can.”

The girls were on the pitcher’s mound, both with a ball in hand, so they technically threw the first two pitches of the game.

Neither of their pitches made it very far, but Sophia was elated that hers rolled its way to home plate.


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