Ellen: Sophia Grace and Rosie Get Slimed & Different Tooth Fairies


Ellen: Sophia Grace and Rosie Get Slimed & Different Tooth Fairies

Sophia Grace and Rosie fulfilled two of their dreams today on Ellen. They are going to Disney World and they got Kid’s Choice Awards slimed by Ellen. (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie seem to be on Ellen every week. Not that I’m complaining, because these little princesses always make me smile.


They said their book, Tea Time with Sophia Grace & Rosie, is “verrrrrrry popular” and doing well.

Rosie Loses Another Tooth

Rosie lost another tooth while in the United States. It’s the second she’s lost. The one came with a video tape of her father pulling the tooth out. At first she looked concerned, but then she was excited for another visit from the Tooth Fairy.

“Last time I got dollars, but this time I got coins. So it must be a different fairy,” Rosie said.


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Sophia Grace & Rosie Go To the Museum

The girls went to a museum and got to see dinosaur bones that are over 68 million years old.

“That’s older than my grandparents,” Sophia Grace said.

Rosie said she would like to work in the museum. She wanted to be a cleaner, but now she wants to be a museum hostess.

“Can you imagine Rosie cleaning the bones?” Sophia Grace giggled.

Sophia Grace & Rosie On the Metro

The also got to ride the metro, which they liked because it went so fast.

“When we got there, there was a little old lady laying on the floor of the subway. So, she might just be a little tired from traveling,” Sophia Grace said. 

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Sophia Grace Learns To Tap

Sophia Grace is teaching herself tap dancing. Rosie said she also wants to learn. Sophia Grace performed a little bit of her tapping. She said she prefers to teach herself to do things.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Get Slimed

Ellen is sending the girls and their families to Disney World in California. They were excited for that, but even more excited to get slimed just like a Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award sliming. The girls donned big pink ponchos and bedazzled goggles. The stepped onto a princess podium and Ellen pushed the slime plunger.

“We need more slime!” Sophia Grace said.

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