Ellen: Sophia Grace and Rosie At Gentle Barn & Adam Levine’s Lip Balm


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie

Sophia Grace and Rosie have been on Ellen four times in the last month, but I think they need to stop by more. Today, Ellen sent these New York Times bestselling authors to the Gentle Barn to play with the animals.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Grammys

Ellen: Sophia Grace and Rosie At Gentle Barn & Adam Levine's Lip Balm

Ellen surprised Sophia Grace and Rosie with a trip to the Gentle Barn and named two lambs after the girls.


Sophia Grace and Rosie were at the Grammy Awards for Ellen. They got necklaces from LL Cool J and concert tickets from Carrie Underwood. Rosie got lip balm from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, but she didn’t want to share with him. One day she’ll look back on that moment and cry.

Ellen: Nickelodeon’s Sam & Cat 

Nickelodeon’s new show Sam & Cat got two cute little guest stars when Sophia Grace and Rosie visited. The girls play two little English girls, Gwen and Ruby, that Sam and Cat babysit. The babysitters find out that Gwen and Ruby are actually con artists.

Sophia Grace and Rosie were afraid of the sets on Sam & Cat because they weren’t fixed in place. They would move around and Rosie gave a long explanation about why they move.


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Marketing Campaign

Ellen wants to put Sophia Grace and Rosie everywhere. She asked them what they would like to do this year. So far, they’ve written a book, been on a television show and hosted a red carpet. Sophia Grace wants Sophia Grace and Rosie dolls that they can play with. They want a special store with jewelry and a big pink swimming pool. Rosie would like to add Sophia Grace and Rosie rafts to the pool.

I think she was trying to get the girls to do a CD, but Sophia Grace said she wanted a movie starring the two best friends. I have a feeling the Olsen twins’ empire is about to come crashing down.

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Sophia Grace and Rosie: Gentle Barn

Ellen loves animals and so do Sophia Grace and Rosie. Ellen sent the girls to the petting zoo to play with the animals. Their favorite part was Portia the turkey. Ellen and Portia helped the Gentle Barn rescue some turkeys and they named two of the beautiful white turkeys after them. Sophia Grace said Portia lives in a brightly jeweled box and Ellen (the turkey) was very soft. Francis the turkey squawked at the girls. They found themselves surrounded by pigs and got to tuck a big pig into bed for the night. They said the lambs were fluffy like cotton candy.

Ellen surprised the girls and named two of the baby lambs after Sophia Grace and Rosie. If you go online and get the free app “Joy Kingdom,” you can play and earn joy points that give food to the animals at the Gentle Barn.

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Ellen: Cash For Kindness At Ikea

Earlier in the show Ellen caught the attention of kind stranger Mindy. Mindy was shopping for her wedding supplies at Ikea and she stopped to help a stranger in need. Mindy said she was getting mad at the Ikea people for not helping the person in need, but Ellen told them not to.

Ellen and Ikea gifted Mindy $11,500 for her wedding.

“That’s what you get for stopping and being kind.” Ellen said.


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