Ellen: Sophia Grace 9th Birthday Party & Rosie Twitter Celebrities


Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie

Essex, England, isn’t big enough to contain Ellen DeGeneres’s next guests, whom I can only assume she is grooming for a children’s show. After a little over a month away, Sophia Grace & Rosie returned to Ellen’s show, wearing their iconic tutus and tiaras.

These girls are so small that they sit comfortably together in the adult-size chair next to Ellen’s. “We are so excited to be back!” Sophia Grace gushed.


Ellen observed that the girls were vibrating with excitement, and she knows that the girls enjoy their sweet treats. Rosie’s favorite treat is Cotton Candy, but apparently the Cotton Candy Machine that Ellen recently gave them got misplaced between here and England.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Return

Sophia Grace and Rosie returned to tell Ellen about their recent birthday party & fans on Twitter.

Ellen: Sophia Grace 9th Birthday Party

Sophia Grace’s recent birthday featured a bouncing castle and a makeup station. She brought a picture of herself with her princess birthday cake, which is the only appropriate type of cake for royalty.


She said the biggest change she’s noticed since turning 9 is that she has become more fastidious and tidy around the house.

Ellen: Sophia Grace Cat

Rosie’s primary role is as Sophia Grace’s Hype Girl, which I think just means she jumps and acts supportive. She tried to tell a story that had something to do with Sophia Grace’s cat, but it was kind of hard to follow.

Sophia Grace jumped in to save the story, which seemed to be that her cat, Poppy, tried to interfere with the nail salon station at her birthday party.

Ellen: Britney Spears Twitter

Ellen tried to engage Rosie in conversation about what’s new with her, but she did not have much to say. But despite her TV silence, she is popular on Twitter. Sophia Grace announced that Britney Spears is following her on the social networking site. One day when she’s older, I wonder if she will feel differently about this achievement.

Rosie also revealed that Justin Bieber and Drake are among the stars who have tweeted about this talented duo. Ellen said their rap and dance videos have over 100 million views. Everyone agreed that 100 million is a large number, and Sophia Grace flogged her catch phrase, “So good.”


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