Ellen: Shemar Moore Shows His Abs & Makes Out With An Audience Member


An Erotically Charged Interview With Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore is a star from CBS’s hit show Criminal Minds. Ellen had him on the show to talk about his life and have fun with the audience.

Shemar Moore Shows His Sweaty Abs

Shemar Moore Abs Criminal Minds: Ellen

Criminal Minds' Shemar Moore definitely doesn't hesitate to show off his abs. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


When Shemar came onstage, he danced provocatively all the way to his seat. This seemed fun but once he got to his seat, he pulled his shirt up to show off his abs. Although Ellen’s audience definitely applauded his sweaty torso, it seemed somewhat narcissistic. Why was it necessary or even contextually relevant to show off his abs?

Shemar Moore Wants Ellen’s Cooties

“A little birdie told me that Ellen’s not feeling her best today,” Shemar said. “That’s alright. I’ll take your cooties anytime.”

Shemar Moore Gives Ellen Booty Shorts

“Day after day, month after month, year after year, celebrities come out here and Ellen gives them underwear,” Shemar said. “I thought it might be fun for a little pay back.”


Shemar pulled out two really silly pairs of booty shorts, saying that one pair was for Ellen and one was for Ellen’s wife, Portia de Rossi. One pair said “Desire” across the butt and the other pair said “Cakes.”

“Depending on who pursues whom, one of you could have ‘Desire’ on your backside and the other could have ‘Cakes’ on her backside,” he said.

Ladies, Shemar Moore Is Still Single

Ellen asked Shemar about his love life and he said that was a topic that displeased his mother.

“I am still single,” Shemar said. “Not married. No kids. I’ve said it. The conversation is getting old.”

Shemar seemed like he had a pretty balanced and healthy perspective. He said he wants to wait until he meets some one who is right for him. He really seemed to emphasize the idea of partners having each others’ backs. In a world where marriage is almost compulsive, his maturity and restraint were quite refreshing.

“I’m not in a hurry. I’m not going to force it,” he said. “When that happens for me, I’ll run with it.”

Shemar Moore Plays Gimme She’Moore

Capitalizing on her guest’s hunk appeal, Ellen made up a game based around Shemar. She invited a female guest onstage, blindfolded her and asked her to pick Shemar out of a lineup of other men based only on the way that their torsos felt.

One of Ellen’s stage hands walked out onstage with a washboard tucked under his shirt, a play on the phrase, “washboard abs.” It was pretty funny.

Shemar Moore Makes Out With Ellen’s Guest

The woman guessed which one was Shemar pretty easily. Then, to show her confidence in her selection, she had to kiss him before she took off her goggles.

This is where things got a little strange.

What seemed to be the default kiss for an occasion like that was a prolonged closed lip kiss. That was not what happened. Lips opened and it even looked like there may have been just a little bit of tongue. That’s right. Shemar made out with one of Ellen’s guests, on national television no less.

You never know what’s going to happen on Ellen…

Regardless of whether that was appropriate, it definitely made that young woman’s day.


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