Ellen: Sharon Osbourne on America’s Got Talent Judge Howard Stern


Ellen: Sharon Osbourne Grandmother

Over the last decade, Sharon Osbourne catapulted from the role of rock star wife to her new position as a media personality. She brought her cell phone out onstage with Ellen, because she was impatiently waiting for her first grandchild to be born. Her son Jack is expecting, and the baby is overdue.

Sharon said she’s no good with births, and is glad they’re not doing a home delivery. She said she panics in those types of situations. Ozzy even fainted during the delivery of their children, which she called cute. “He was rolling on the floor, and the doctor goes, ‘We’ll deal with him later,’” Sharon said.


Ellen: Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne

Just in time for the couple's 30th wedding anniversary, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne are about to become grandparents. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

This is her first grandchild, and she hopes the baby will call her by her nickname, Shaza. It’s a unique nickname, I guess.

Ellen: Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne 30th Wedding Anniversary

Ellen noted that Sharon and Ozzy are poised to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. “I’m just so blessed,” she said.


Ellen said she’s always envious of lifelong couples who met at a young age. They’ve known each other for more than four decades, and were dating two years before getting married. Ellen even dug up horrible ‘70s and ‘80s photos of the couple and their questionable hairstyle choices.

To celebrate, the couple is returning to Italy, a destination they both love. The anniversary is July 4, which is easy to remember. “That’s why we did it, so Ozzy wouldn’t forget,” Sharon said.

Ellen: Sharon Osbourne America’s Got Talent Review

Sharon Osbourne spends her summers as a judge on the NBC reality competition America’s Got Talent. The newest addition to the judges panel this year is radio personality Howard Stern, who filled the slot vacated by CNN interviewer Piers Morgan.

“Perception of him, people who don’t know him, they always go, ‘That’s a bit wild, isn’t it?’” Sharon said. But she said he’s a softie, and he’s fathered three girls. Sharon said that Howard is in the habit of comforting contestants who are upset about their fates on the show.

Ellen said she thinks Howard’s addition to the show “was a good move.” I saw the show’s St. Louis auditions, and I’d agree. He seemed to be a good judge of talent, and he wasn’t afraid to be brutally honest when it was necessary.

Check it out for yourself when Howard Stern joins the new season of America’s Got Talent. The show returns Monday, May 14 2012 on NBC.


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