Ellen: Selena Gomez World Tour 2013 & Lonely Hearts Club Taylor Swift


Ellen: Selena Gomez At the Dentist

Ellen: Selena Gomez World Tour 2013 & Lonely Hearts Club Taylor Swift

Selena Gomez told Ellen that she is a member of Taylor Swift’s Lonely Hearts Club. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)

Selena Gomez said that the most stressful thing is going to the dentist. She never has time to take care of herself let alone her teeth. If Ellen makes some Ellen floss, Selena said she would work on dental hygiene more. She said that her dentist always comments on how she doesn’t floss and it’s upsetting.


Ellen: Selena Gomez Meets Brad Pitt

Over the weekend, Selena performed at the MTV Movie Awards. She said the front row was full of people like Channing Tatum and Brad Pitt. She said it was nerve wracking and she didn’t want to perform. Things got even more stressful when she went to her dressing room. Someone knocked on her door and said that Brad Pitt wanted to meet her.

Brad told her that his kids are big fans of her show Wizards of Waverly PlaceIn the rush of things, Selena didn’t get a picture with him. She said she had to collect herself after the meet and greet.

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Ellen: Jelena Breakup

Ellen thought that Selena might be devastated after breaking up with her long time boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

“I met Brad Pitt, I’m great!” Selena said.

No one has asked Selena out yet, so men it’s time to step up. Ellen said that she would get anyone that Selena wanted. She wants someone that is nice to her parents and it doesn’t matter if he’s in the public eye. Ellen offered her cousin.

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Selena Gomez: Best Friend Taylor Swift

Selena said that one of her favorite things to do is hang out with her best friend Taylor Swift. They often have a get together with all of their single girlfriends called “The Lonely Hearts Club.” About six of them meet at Taylor’s house and eat junk food. Taylor bakes cakes and they talk about being single. It’s a time of encouragement and fun for their friends.

Selena called Taylor one of the strongest and most passionate people she has ever met. She’s learned a lot about life from Taylor and she’s helped her with her music.

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Ellen: Selena Gomez Turns 21

This is a big year for Selena. She’s turning 21 and told Ellen her plans. She wants to have a big party with all of her friends and family. Surely Taylor Swift will be invited, but do you think Bieber will crash the bash?

Ellen: Selena Gomez At the Staples Center

Selena just announced her world tour and she’s having a show on November 6 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. She brought two tickets for everyone in Ellen’s audience to go.

Will you be getting tickets to Selena’s tour?


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