Ellen: Seann William Scott Engaged & American Reunion Movie


Ellen: Seann William Scott

It’s been 13 years since the cast of American Pie burst onto the entertainment scene in the popular movie that has spawned countless sequels.

Today, one of the stars, Seann William Scott, visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about getting the gang back together for the upcoming sequel, American Reunion.


Ellen: Seann William Scott

Seann William Scott reunited with the cast for American Reunion & talked about his fiancee with Ellen. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Seann William Scott Engaged

Seann told Ellen he recently got engaged. “I can’t believe she said yes,” he said. His fiancee is Lindsay, and Seann said they’ve dated for 10 months.

He said that they first met about six years ago on a New York to LA flight. He remembered being struck by how hot he thought she was. But he wasn’t sure how to introduce himself, and found out after the flight that they had a mutual friend.


Seann said when he finally told Lindsay the story, she didn’t remember having seen him on the flight.

Ellen: Seann William Scott American Reunion

Ellen said it’s been nine years since the cast was last together, and he said this movie is great for longtime fans and newcomers. “It was just so much fun to be with everybody,” he said of getting the cast back together.

American Pie was my first real job, and it gave me a career and a life that I would’ve never had,” he said. Ellen showed cast shots from the original movie compared to now, and wow was American Pie a long time ago. Google it if you’re interested in feeling old.

Seann said all the girls have gotten prettier and are much more mature. But the male cast members still act like high schoolers.

Ellen: Seann William Scott Stifler American Pie

Ellen noted that his character, Stifler, hasn’t really changed after all this time. Seann admitted that he hasn’t changed too much since high school. He said he always had trouble getting dates back then.

He said he’s changed, but is still a good guy. American Reunion opens April 6 2012 in theaters.

Ellen: Seann William Scott Modeling

Ellen surprised Seann with yearbook photos from his high school days. He also found a clip of some runway underwear modeling he did in the 1990s.

“Oh gross,” he said. “Look at my hair. Wow, that’s really embarrassing.”

Ellen and the audience didn’t think he had anything to be embarrassed about. Ellen said she has no idea where her staff scares up these clips and photos.

As a parting gift, Ellen gave Seann a pie plate with her face on it. Read about Ellen’s Gift for Colin Farrell.


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