Ellen: Sean Hayes Three Stooges, Sofia Vergara & Larry David


Ellen: Sean Hayes Three Stooges

Generations of Americans have grown up loving the comedy of The Three Stooges. Now a new film is taking on the tradition of those comedy legends, and Sean Hayes is starring as Larry.

After showing a clip from the film, Sean Hayes revealed that Larry David plays one of the nuns. Recently, Ellen talked with actress Jane Lynch, who plays Mother Superior in the movie.


Ellen: Sean Hayes Three Stooges

Three Stooges star Sean Hayes complained to Ellen about the perils of Southern hospitality. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Sean Hayes Atlanta On Location

Sean Hayes revealed that they shot the movie in the hot summer weather of Atlanta, Georgia, and he had to shave his head every day during filming.

“Every day my hotel room would be freezing cold, because it was so hot outside,” Sean said. “But then I would be sleeping with the covers up here. My head was freezing, so I bought a knit cap.”


He added that he stayed at a great hotel in Atlanta, where the staff was almost too well trained. Every morning, the staff would greet him by name. I always find that unsettling.

Every time he’d go through the lobby, no matter how recently he’d passed through, someone would greet him again by name. This made for an awkward morning as he was trying to leave, but kept forgetting things in his room.

Finally he tried to sneak back into the hotel, but they spotted him coming and greeted him. This time out, he attempted to sneak out through the stairs instead of the elevator, but the door was locked. But even the housekeeping staff knew him by name.

Ellen: Sofia Vergara Three Stooges

Modern Family star and Cover Girl Spokesperson Sofia Vergara is another of Sean Hayes’s co-stars in The Three Stooges.

“She is a riot. She is something else,” Sean said, revealing an encounter between Sofia and a crew member who asked what role she was playing in the movie. “She literally grabs her boobs. …She goes, ‘A freaking rocket scientist. What do you think I’m playing?’ So at least she’s self-aware. She knows which parts are right for her.”

Sean also remembered being stuck in a pond for a long time while the crew was setting up. The conditions were hot and gross, and she kept complaining in her thick accent. One of her problems was that “the water’s too wet.”

You can check out Sean Hayes and friends in The Three Stooges movie, in theaters April 13 2012.


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