Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs, Whitney Houston & Undefeated Review


Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs

Ellen had Sean “Diddy” Combs on her show. “You look fantastic and how are you feeling?” she asked. “I heard you were in the hospital the other day.”

“I just had a migraine,” he said. “I’d never had one before.”


Sean said that he’s enjoyed a lot of success recently. “I’m feeling great,” he said. “This is one of the greatest years of my life.”

Ellen noted that Sean looked great. “I did a lot of aerobics and I changed my diet,” he said. “To preserve your sexy, you must change your diet.”

Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs Undefeated Review

Ellen got Sean Diddy Combs Undefeated documentary review & talked with him about Whitney Houston's death. (cinemafestival / Shutterstock.com)


“If that’s what you’re doing, whatever it is, it’s working for you,” she said.

“You like the way I’m looking?” he asked. “I like the way you’re looking too.”

Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs Whitney Houston

Ellen asked Sean how he felt about Whitney Houston‘s death. He said it was a tragedy.

“Did you know her well?” she asked.

“Throughout the years, I got to know her,” he said. “She was just so full of life, so full of joy.”

“It’s heartbreaking,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs Twitter

Ellen recalled that Sean was the first person to explain Twitter to her.

“You tweet out photos a lot too, right?” Ellen asked. She started showing some of the pictures that Sean has tweeted.

The first picture was of Sean‘s recent haircut. He said it was called the Diddy. “A.k.a. a ‘half moon’ for all the barbers out there,” he said.

The next picture was of Sean in a robe on a jet ski. “You just get up in the morning, you keep your robe on, and you get on your jet ski?” she asked him.

“I was in a rush to get on the jet ski and I forgot to take it off, to be honest,” he said.

Ellen: Sean Diddy Combs Undefeated Review

Sean recently produced the acclaimed documentary Undefeated. Despite that he’s received lots of recognition for the documentary, he said that he didn’t want any of the credit. Instead, he said all of the credit should go to the film’s directors, Daniel Lindsay and T.J. Martin.

“I cam on to help to make sure you all see this movie,” he said. “The documentary is about this football team in North Memphis and how this coach turned this football team around.”

Undefeated Documentary: Coach Bill Lawrence

Bill, the coach, is in the audience today,” Ellen said. The camera found Bill Courtney in the audience and Ellen said to him, “You’re a football coach and you’re suddenly in a film that’s oscar nominated.”

Bill said he was very appreciative that Sean joined the project just to help spread word about the film. He said it was “inspiring in itself and very humbling.

“I’m very very appreciative,” he said. Ellen announced she was going to donate $10,000 to Bill‘s school.


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