Ellen: Scott Caan Hawaii Five-0, Photographs Vol 1 Review & Plays


Ellen: Scott Caan

What’s better than an episode of one of your favorite TV shows? How about when two of your favorite shows come together. It’s called a crossover, and it’s what happens when characters from different shows interact on each other’s programs.

That’s what’s happening this week with Hawaii Five-0 star Scott Caan, who’s helping out the team on another CBS crime drama, NCIS: Los Angeles. Ellen DeGeneres welcomed Scott to the show, and asked him about his acting heritage as the son of James Caan.


Ellen: Scott Caan Hobbies

Actor Scott Caan spends his free time taking photographs, writing plays & surfing with special needs kids. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“He wanted me to be a baseball player,” Scott revealed. He played shortstop, but his romantic pursuits led him off the baseball field and onto the stage.

Ellen: Scott Caan Hawaii Five-0

These days, he’s spending nine months a year in Oahu, Hawaii on the set of CBS’s crime drama Hawaii Five-0. While most of us wouldn’t complain about working in paradise, Scott said it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.


“After awhile, you get to go a little crazy. It’s a two-week vacation spot,” he said. “It’s not a nine-month, live there spot. You miss buildings and angry people and good food.”

Ellen said a lot of people love living in Hawaii. But Scott grew up in LA, and he misses the city. Like it or not, he’s heading back to the island, because Hawaii Five-0 got renewed for a third season, which will go into production over the summer for a fall 2012 debut.

Hawaii Five-0 airs Mondays on CBS.

Ellen: Scott Caan Hawaiian Surfing Charities

While he’s in the islands, Scott has found a good use for some of his spare time. He has three charitable pursuits in Hawaii, including Life Rolls On, Surfers Healing, and Thera Surf, which help people with spinal cord injuries, autism, and other special needs experience surfing.

Scott Caan said he’s been surfing most of his life and is happy to give back.

Ellen: Scott Caan Photographs Vol 1 Review

Ellen DeGeneres revealed that another of Scott Caan’s hobbies is photography, and he has put together some of his work in a new collection. She showed some pictures from his book, Scott Caan Photographs Vol. 1.

Subjects include Brad Pitt in Amsterdam on the set of Ocean’s 12, and a cast photo at the Cannes Film Festival in France. It’s his first book, but the volume number implies that there may be future installments to come.

Ellen: Scott Caan No Way Around But Through Play

Scott Caan is a man of many hobbies. In addition to surfing and photography, he is also a playwright. His play Two Wrongs has just been published.

Also, his latest play, No Way Around But Through, opens June 3 2012 at The Falcon Theatre in Los Angeles.


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