Ellen: Scandal Cast, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley & Tony Goldwyn


Ellen TV: Scandal Cast

Ellen DeGeneres shared that the cast of Scandal was on her show, saying that she loved the show, and it has one of the best love triangles. I’m right there with Ellen, given that I’m pretty obsessed with the show myself. Ellen welcomed to her show Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, and Tony Goldwyn.

Ellen: Hiding Kerry Washington’s Pregnancy During Filming

Ellen: Scandal Cast, Kerry Washington, Scott Foley & Tony Goldwyn

Ellen sat down with Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, and Scott Foley to talk about the new season of her favorite show, Scandal. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen first congratulated Kerry Washington on her baby that is now 5 months old. Kerry shared that during season three, where were some very creative things done to hide her stomach, including using Tony’s bent leg in one scene.

Scott Foley said they did such a good job hiding it that he said during filming he had no idea they were even doing anything special. To be honest, I had no idea she was even pregnant while I was watching!

Kerry shared that when she went in for a wardrobe fitting and was able to tie the waist, she was very excited. Ellen joked that now Kerry doesn’t have to worry about anything, but Kerry said she still has to worry about her lines, which are very fast as Ellen pointed out. Ellen said now that Portia is on the show, she has to do the Scandal pace, which is very fast talking.


Ellen: Scandal Team Olitz Or Olake?

Scott Foley and his wife are expecting a baby in eight weeks and Scott joked that he tried to hide the pregnancy as best he could during filming.  He said they don’t know the gender and want to be surprised. It will be their third child, and he said they also got a new puppy just a week ago.

Ellen then said she just had to ask Scott how he feels about everyone wanting Kerry and Tony’s characters, Olivia and Fitz, to get together. Ellen joked that people want a marriage to be completely broken up. Scott scooted away from Tony and said, “This sucks. I don’t like this at all.”

Kerry said she has people walk up to her in the streets saying they’re “Olake” or “Olitz” and said it’s about 50/50 in the streets, but online it’s a “little more Fitz.” I personally am somewhat torn, but lean a little more toward Team Fitz.

Ellen: Scandal Cast, Scott Foley Vs Tony Goldwyn

Scott Foley said there is a small little bit of competitiveness between them, but Tony Goldwyn argued that he helps Scott out. Scott said he looks up to Tony because he’s 54 years old and looks how he does. Of course, Ellen shared pictures of each of them shirtless.

Scott shared that one time he went in for a taping and made a comment that he wished he looked like Tony, and they told him they were like brothers because Tony said the exact same thing about him.

Ellen said that Portia shared with her that everyone on the show really genuinely likes each other. Kerry said they’re obsessed with each other because they work 16 hour days, and then often times get together for lunch or watch episodes together.

Ellen TV: Who’s A Better Kisser, Scott Foley or Tony Goldwyn?

Ellen wanted to know how weird it was to kiss each other as time goes on. Tony sarcastically said, “Kerry loves it” and Kerry Washington made a face that clearly showed she wasn’t a fan. Kerry said it’s awkward, it’s always been awkward, and it doesn’t stop being awkward. I will point out that while she was saying that, Tony reached over and gave her a little kiss on the side of her forehead, which had the “Olitz” fan in me just about freaking out!

Scott joked that it isn’t awkward when he and Tony kiss, and then joked that we haven’t seen that yet. Ellen then asked Kerry who she looks forward to kissing more and Kerry stuttered pretty bad there for a little bit trying to find an answer. Finally she said, “I don’t enjoy either one.” Ouch!

All three of them said their spouses understand that it’s the job when they’re filming kissing scenes and love scenes. Scott joked that after a viewing party where his wife watched him kissing Kerry on the show, she turned to him and said, “Why don’t you bring some of that home!” “You have a baby on the way, you brought some of it home,” Ellen joked.


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