Ellen: Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriend Matt Prokop, Modern Family, & Geek Charming Review


Ellen: Sarah Hyland Modern Family Review

Sarah Hyland stars as Haley Dunphy on the hit show Modern Family. Ellen showed a clip of Sarah on the show.

Ellen Sarah Hyland Matt Prokop Boyfriend Modern Family Geek Charming

Ellen hears about Sarah Hyland's boyfriend Matt Prokop, and then reviews Modern Family and Disney's Geek Charming (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

The clip featured Haley driving around in a car with another young woman. Her passenger was looking at a picture on her phone. She tried to show the picture to Haley and when Haley looked, she accidentally hit a concrete waste receptacle with her car.


The two young women looked at each other and said simultaneously, “This is your fault!”

It was typical sitcom humor, somewhat funny but not enough to truly laugh out loud.

Ellen: Sarah Hyland Geek Charming Review

Sarah recently starred in Disney’s Geek Charming with her boyfriend Matt Prokop and she told Ellen what the film was about.


“I play this rich popular girl who’s putting on a facade to make people like her more,” she said.

Sarah said that Matt plays a geek in the movie.

Ellen: Sarah Hyland Is Living With Her Boyfriend Matt Prokop

Ellen asked Sarah what it was like to be living with her boyfriend, Matt Prokop. She asked whether Matt was a typical messy guy and if so, whether that was difficult to adjust to.

“I’m not neat and I’m very messy, so it wasn’t really a big change at all,” Sarah said. “We’re not dirty. There’s a fine line between dirty and messy.”

Sarah gave an example to explain how messy she and Matt are. She said they have two piles of clothes on the floor, clean and dirty. Therefore, even amid the chaos of their house, there is some order.

“That was hoarders say all of the time,” Ellen teased. “They always have a reason a pile is where it is.”

Ellen: Sarah Hyland Saints Vs. Falcons

Sarah said that she was going to root for the Saints when they played the Falcons. Ellen was very happy to hear this, because she’s from New Orleans.

Sarah explained that she and her boyfriend Matt are usually Cowboys fans, but decided they had to choose a team to root for.

Ellen said she still hadn’t been to an NFL football game.

“What?” Sarah said. “Drew Brees, get on that!”

Ellen: Sarah Hyland 21st Birthday

Ellen wished Sarah Hyland a happy 21st birthday and asked her how she planned to celebrate.

“Well, I’m turning 21…” Sarah said. Sarah said she was excited to drink legally.

“Cause you haven’t,” Ellen teased. “You waited until now…”


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