Ellen: Sam Worthington Nude & Man On A Ledge Review


Ellen: Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington said that his father worked at a nuclear power plant and loved donuts.

“Basically, my dad is Homer,” he said, referring to the patriarch from The Simpsons.


Ellen asked same went from a life like to that to getting involved in acting.

Ellen: Sam Worthington Nude

Why was Sam Worthington Nude for one of his early acting gigs? Ellen talked with the Man on a Ledge star. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“When I was 17, my dad took me to the other side of Australia and he said, ‘Work your way back,'” Sam said.


Sam said that he worked various odd jobs until fate intervened.

“I met a girl who wanted to go to drama school so I went along to cheer her on,” Sam said.

Ellen: Sam Worthington Nude

Most interesting of all, Sam said that his first acting role involved nudity. He joked that he didn’t realize until he got to the set and the director told him to take his clothes off.

“It was six months full frontal to the audience,” he said, somewhat bashfully. “My parents didn’t come to that one.”

Ellen: Sam Worthington Sky Mall Shopping

Ellen said she heard that Sam was a big fan of Sky Mall, an in-flight shopping catalogue published quarterly.

“Do you buy a lot of the stuff?” she asked.

“I bought a kind of stone monkey,” Sam said.

Ellen laughed and questioned what inspired Sam to do that.

“Is there a lot of drinking on the plane?” she asked.

“No, it was just boredom,” Sam said.

“So the stone monkey was a good idea?” Ellen asked.

“It was genius at the time,” he said.

Ellen: Sam Worthington Man On A Ledge Review

In Sam‘s new film, Man On A Ledge, he plays a police officer who stands on the ledge of a building, threatening suicide. Sam said that his character was incarcerated after being wrongfully convicted for a serious crime. Apparently, his whole demonstration is an attempt to proclaim his innocence to the public.

Ellen was amazed to find out that the ledge that Sam‘s character stands from in the movie was real. In other words, Sam really filmed the movie on a 20-something story ledge.

“That’s not CGI?” she asked. “You’re actually on a ledge?”

Sam said that his safety wasn’t in jeopardy because he wore a rope harness.

“You can’t be scared of heights and do a movie like that,” Ellen said.

“Well I am scared of heights,” Sam said and joked that, “There’s not going to be a Man On Another Ledge.”

Ellen: Sam Worthington Wine Glass & Head Massager

Ellen said she had several gifts that she wanted to send Sam home with.

The first gift was a wine glass on a lanyard, that Sam seemed amused by.

The second gift was a bizarre looking head massager that Sam immediately put on.

“It’s very fetching,” he joked, although it definitely was not. “I feel like I’m in Tron.”

“It’s a good look,” Ellen said. “I like it.”


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