Ellen: Saints QB Drew Brees Gets Naked For Brad Pitt Charity


Ellen: Drew Brees New Orleans Charity Work

NFL New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees is no stranger to New Orleans native Ellen DeGeneres. The two are good friends, and they even recently co-hosted a charity event in Louisiana for Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation.

“At one point, you were just going to take your clothes off,” Ellen said about the fundraiser.


Ellen: Drew Brees Charity

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees & Ellen worked together for charity. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Drew Brees said he would go to any lengths to raise money for charity. Together, Ellen and Drew helped the charity raise over $5 million. That is sufficiently impressive.

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Ellen: Drew Brees Off Season

Drew Brees is going back to work training in April. He has been spending quality time with his family since the NFL season ended.

Drew’s wife Brittany is pregnant with their third child, and he beamed when Ellen brought that up.

Ellen: Drew Brees Baby Surprise

Drew said he wanted to be surprised by the sex of their third child. The couple already has two sons. Brittany decided to find the answer and surprise Drew in a creative way.

She told him she would serve cupcakes for dessert, and the icing inside would be either pink or blue, indicating the sex of their new baby.

Finally, he took a bite of the cupcake and found blue frosting inside. The couple is expecting a third boy, despite the indications it would be a girl.

Ellen: Drew Brees Son Learns Spanish

Drew Brees young son Bowen is learning Spanish using a DVD video. There is a song from the video that teaches counting, and Drew and Brittany have learned they can use this Spanish counting song to distract Bowen or get his attention, no matter what he is doing.

However, another segment of the video that tries to teach the words for head and hat usually ends up with Bowen smearing food in his hair.

Ellen Degeneres & Drew Brees

Ellen DeGeneres is a huge Drew Brees fan. She has his jersey hanging in the studio, and even reserves a seat for him anytime he wants to come to the show.

Ellen said Drew Brees is a Super Bowl MVP and holds the NFL record for most yards passed in a season.


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