Ellen: Russell Crowe Australian Coffee & Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby Team


Ellen: Russell Crowe Australian Coffee & Sydney Rabbitohs Rugby Team

Russell Crowe taught Ellen Australian slang for coffee and invited his rugby team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs to meet the crowd of Aussies. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Andy Zenor Tries Swisse Multivitamins

Swisse was one of the big sponsors for Ellen’s trip. Their vitamins are now available all over and Ellen wanted to demonstrate just how wonderful they are. Andy Zenor took one of these Swisse Multivitamins and then stepped into the Swisse Multivitamin 3000 Machine.


Out of the other side came Russell Crowe. So, where do we get these things?

Russell Crowe Teaches Ellen To Whip & Australian Geography

Crowe came out in a suit, a little overdressed, with a whip in hand. He heard that Ellen was going down to Victoria where the “brumbies” live. These are wild horses and you direct them with a whip. He tried to teach Ellen, but she wasn’t too keen on this Indiana Jones stuff.

If you were following Russell Crowe on Twitter, then you would know that he is on a cleanse. Already svelte, Crowe said he’s missing “flat whites,” a strong latte in Australia. A tall black is like four shots of coffee.


“Spending a small time in Australia is nowhere near as good as spending a long time in Australia,” Crowe told Ellen. He brought out a map of Australia from his kid’s bedroom to direct her around the country. He said Perth is beautiful and the Great Barrier Reef is unbelievable.

Russell Crowe’s Rugby Team The South Sydney Rabbitohs

Ellen wanted to meet some of Crowe’s rugby team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Happy to oblige, Russell invited Sam Burgess and Greg Inglis. The guys signed rugby balls and threw them to the crowd.

Ellen Pranks Manly Beach

Ellen sent two of her writers Kevin and Lauren to Manly Beach in Australia. Not only is it a beautiful beach, but Ellen was the bug in these beach goers ears for the day. Lauren had the giggles and had a hard time doing Ellen’s pranks, but Kevin was a professional pranker. Lauren twirled around and talked to herself. Kevin went around with a metal detector. He invaded personal spaces and Ellen had them explain everything with “I’m from America.” Kevin sat in a giant hole in the sand and asked people to bury him. He was the perfect amount of creepy. Amy tried to hit on a guy, but he was around a bunch of kids and kind of shied away from the creepy lady. At the end, Ellen welcomed all of the prankees back to her tent on the beach for a meet and great. That made every awkward moment so much better.  


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