Ellen: Russell Brand Meets Sophia Grace and Rosie


Ellen: Russell Brand Meets Sophia Grace and Rosie

“Hello!” shouted child internet sensation Sophia Grace at Russell Brand. Rosie greeted him more shyly.

“My little Essex friends!” Russell said. “We all escaped!”


Ellen: Russell Brand Meets Sophia Grace and Rosie

On Ellen, Russell Brand meets Sophia Grace and Rosie, who are also from his hometown of Essex, England. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

There was a perfectly timed comedic pause following the comment during which time Sophia freaked out a little bit.

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Child Labor

“Back in Essex these children would be forced to clean chimneys,” Russell joked and then turned to Sophia and said, “Good girl!”


“Isn’t it great that Russell is here?” Ellen asked. “You know he’s from Essex too, right?”

“Yes!” Sophia shouted. “Right from that place…Essex.”

“How close would y’all live to each other?” Ellen asked.

“They live in Harlow,” Russell said. “I live in a place called Grays. It’s all part of Essex.”

Ellen: Russell Brand Hate Crimes

Russell jokingly tried to explain why he thought being from Essex was so cool.

“We’re essentially the closest proximity to the royal family that you’ve got here,” Russell said.

Off camera, Tony started laughing aloud, presumably because he’s also from the United Kingdom. Russell pretended to be offended. It was hilarious.

“Don’t you laugh at that!” Russell said as he pointed his finger at Tony. “Tony, what you just did was a hate crime against Essex!”

It was so hilarious that Tony couldn’t help himself and only laughed harder at Russell, who seemed to love it because the goofy shenanigans only intensified.

“We could form a mob very easily and we could be over there,” Russell threatened and then pointed to Sophia saying, “This one’s nuts!”

Ellen: Russell Brand Babysits Sophia Grace and Rosie

“You said you wanted to babysit them the last time you were here,” Ellen said to Russell.

Sophia apparently thought this was a brilliant idea because she shouted, “So good!”

“I would babysit yas [sic], yeah,” Russell said, but then qualified, “While I’m looking after you, you’ve still got to behave.”

Russell pointed at Sophia and said, “Especially you!” He looked over at Rosie and said, “Me and you would probably have to team up to control her. I don’t know how you put up with this. I really don’t.”

Ellen: Sophia Grace Loves Pink

“What’s happening in your mind right now?” Russell asked Sophia. “Express everything you’ve ever thought!”

“PINK!” Sophia shouted.

“Good girl!” Russell joked. “She’s literally thinking in color. People don’t think in color!”

Ellen seemed overwhelmingly amused, slightly out of breath from laughing as she said, “Your thought was ‘pink?’ OK.”

Ellen: Sophia Grace & Rosie Disney Carsland

“Disney California Adventure is opening a new land and you two get to be the first to go in and ‘kid-test’ all of the rides,” Ellen told Sophia and Rosie.

Rosie stared nonchalantly at Russell while Sophia freaked out about how excited she was to go to Carsland. It almost looked like she was going to have a seizure.

Ellen handed the girls their passes into the park and they held them up to the camera, smiling from ear to ear.


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