Ellen: Russell Brand Katy Perry Divorce, Rock Of Ages & Brand X


Ellen: Russell Brand Katy Perry Divorce

“There’s obviously been a big change in your life since you were here last,” Ellen said, implicitly referencing Russell‘s recent divorce from pop superstar Katy Perry.

“I’m alright, thank you, because me and Katy got divorced,” Russell said.


Despite their divorce, Russell said he had no hard feelings toward Katy.

Ellen: Russell Brand Katy Perry Divorce

Russell Brand & Ellen talked about the Russell Brand Katy Perry divorce, new movie Rock of Ages & FX series Brand X. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“I still love her as a human being, but sometimes when you’re in a relationship, I suppose it doesn’t work out,” he said. “That doesn’t mean I regret it or anything. I was very happy to be married to her. She’s such a beautiful human being and I just have only love and positivity for her.”


“Good,” Ellen said. “That’s the way it should be.”

“Yes, because you can’t make everything absolutely the way you want it to be in life,” Russell explained. “Sometimes things are just different and you have to just try to move with that and try to remain in contact with what is beautiful about yourself and with each other.”

“Exactly. I think people forget that,” Ellen said. “You get together for a reason because you love some one or are attracted or there’s something good in the beginning. Then somehow when it ends, however long or short, you forget all of the wonderful things about the person that you loved. I think it’s important to hold on like you said.”

“Just remain beautiful,” Russell said.

Ellen: Russell Brand Rock Of Ages

Ellen showed a clip from Russell‘s new film, Rock Of Ages. In the clip, Russell had a lead singing role in one of the songs.

“I sing about three songs in that film,” Russell said. “They keep getting me to sing in these films I do. I never claimed to be good at singing.”

Russell said that he didn’t really have to act in the film, because his wig did most of the work.

“What I like is that wig I’m wearing,” he said. “That was doing most of the acting. Once I had that wig on, I thought, ‘I can pretty much relax now.'”

Ellen: Russell Brand Tom Cruise’s Baboon

Russell told Ellen that there is a baboon in Rock Of Ages simply because Tom Cruise thought it would be a good idea. Impersonating Tom, Russell spoke in a comically emphatic voice and said, “Let’s have a baboon in the movie!”

“Was that an impression of Tom Cruise,” Ellen asked through her laughter.

“I remember when he was saying that,” Russell said. “I was thinking, ‘Let’s not.'”

Russell said his biggest issue with the baboon was how “vicious” it was. He also complained that he had to work with the baboon even when Tom wasn’t around.

Tom Cruise was at home and I was in scenes with the baboon!”

Ellen: Russell Brand Baboon Sex

Among the other grievances he had for working with a baboon, Russell cited jealousy.

“It had three lady baboons in its trailer to keep it ‘relaxed,'” he said. “I thought, ‘What about me?'”

Ellen: Russell Brand Lady Parts

In regards to how “vicious” and hard to work with Russell claimed the baboon was, Ellen suggested that they use a capuchin monkey instead, but Russell seemed to think she was teasing him.

“It sounds like a euphemism for lady parts,” Russell said.

Then he did the same crazy emphatic voice he did earlier and said, “Your capuchin is beautiful!!!”

“That was an impression of a Russian being played by Tom Cruise,” he said.

Ellen: Time Magazine Russell Brand breastfeeds

Since Russell will soon have his own mock news program, Brand X, on FX, Ellen decided to ask him how he felt about a few current events.

“Since you’re doing a show about news related things, I’ll ask you about the cover that everybody’s talking about, the cover of Time magazine with the woman who’s breastfeeding her four-year-old child,” Ellen said.

“If you can breastfeed at four, why can’t you breastfeed at 36, the age I am?” Russell joked. “Also, I understand that some women have excess milk. I accept it!”

Ellen seemed to laugh slightly uncomfortably.

“Only from the source!” Russell said as he reached over and put his hand on hers. “Not in a dairy. Not human butter…lady yogurt.”

Ellen: Russell Brand The Bachelor Sex

“Have you ever seen The Bachelor?” Ellen asked Russell.

“I think The Bachelor may be lowering the consciousness of the planet,” Russell said. “But I imagine what it is. Is it people trying to have sex?”

“Yes,” Ellen said.

“I endorse this concept!” Russell said jokingly.

Ellen: Russell Brand Sophia Grace and Rosie

The first thing Ellen told cult icon Russell Brand when he walked onstage was that he was going to meet Sophia Grace and Rosie. She noted that they were also from Russell‘s home of Essex.

“Essex is not an enormous place,” he said. “We’ve got basically the same accent.”

“Are you related?” Ellen asked.

“I don’t know if we’re related but I relate with the chatty one,” he said, in reference to Sophia Grace.

“We’ll see how you all interact,” she said.

“It’s like an experiment?” Russell asked.


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