Ellen: Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Costume & Scarlett Johansson Stunts


Ellen: Scarlett Johansson Stunts

Scarlett Johansson studied up for some of her fancy footwork in the new action blockbuster The Avengers, learning a variety of techniques, including Muay Thai.

She and co-star Robert Downey Jr talked with Ellen DeGeneres about their moves and the new movie.


“Basically we just spent six months learning fights and filming them and then forgetting them, so we could make room in our brains for more fights,” she said. “There’s so much action in the movie, it’s crazy.”

Ellen Robert Downey Jr Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr talked about the challenges of his Iron Man costume, which included the potential for breaking both his arms. (Image Credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Robert Downey Jr Avengers Costume

But the honor for the movie’s most uncomfortable costume goes to Tom Hiddleston, whose villain character Loki had an intricate and heavy headpiece.


“You just could not stand behind him at craft services,” Scarlett said of their co-star’s costume. But she said that Robert Downey Jr probably had the hardest time getting out of his Iron Man costume if he needed a bathroom break.

“I’ve done a bunch of these movies, so every time we do a new one, I say, ‘Do I really have to wear it? Can’t you just paint it on later?’” Robert Downey Jr said.

Ellen: Robert Downey Jr Iron Man Suit

Ellen learned that if Robert fell over, he had special instructions not to brace his fall, because he could break his arms.

“You’d be locked into the suit, and the suit would be OK, and your arms would break,” Robert Downey Jr said. He admitted that he didn’t have any falls on set, though a stunt man did take a spill in the suit.

Ellen said it would be difficult to override your impulse to catch yourself while falling. Can you imagine doing it on impulse and realizing too late that you were about to break your own arms?

Ellen: Avengers Action Figures

Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr’s characters were both turned into action figures as a means of promoting this new movie, The Avengers. They said they were sad that Ellen Was Cut Out Of The Avengers. To make her feel better, they worked with Hasbro to create an Ellen Action Figure, which was pretty cool.

“I could sell this to Jane Lynch,” Ellen said of the action figure’s visage. “Look at the breasts, how low and hanging…. They didn’t take a mold of me for this.”

The action figure does tout Ellen’s “awesome dancing power,” at least. The Avengers opened in theaters May 4 2012.


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