Ellen: Rita Wilson AM/FM Album & Tom Hanks Marriage


Ellen: Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson has a long resume, including acting roles, a long lasting Hollywood marriage and family, and now a venture into the music world.

Ellen DeGeneres invited her to catch up, because the two have been friends for years. They met while auditioning for the movie Casual Sex. They screen tested “as the two chicks that would go down to some resort and have casual sex…with men,” Rita said. “I didn’t get that part,” Ellen recalled.


Ellen: Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson caught up with Ellen to chat about her latest project, a debut album called AM/FM. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

The parts they auditioned for went to Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson; I wonder how the now staunch conservative Victoria Jackson feels about her work in that movie these days.

Ellen: Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks

Rita Wilson met her longtime husband Tom Hanks when she appeared on his 1980s sitcom Bosom Buddies.

Ellen called their relationship “so sweet and so loving,” sharing highlights from the two of them on the Kiss Cam and the Dance Cam at a recent hockey game.


Rita’s last appearance, for Ellen’s 50th birthday, got the couple an invite to Ellen’s birthday bash, where Pink performed. They partied late into the night, which Ellen cited as example of how much fun the couple is. But Rita said Ellen’s influence is contagious.

“You give people permission to have fun,” Rita told Ellen, saying she was watching the audience dancing backstage.

Ellen: Rita Wilson AM/FM Album

Rita Wilson is preparing to release her debut music album, AM/FM.

“It’s always been something I’ve loved to do, but it’s also been the thing that’s the most private and most secret thing, that you don’t really want to let the world in on,” she said. She admitted she’s nervous about her music in a way that she doesn’t experience in her movie work.

The album features a variety of songs, including a rendition of “Wichita Lineman” that Ellen said she loves. “It’s great that you keep changing and evolving,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Rita Wilson Meaning of Life

Rita noted that 50 was a milestone for her, and she feels that life keeps getting better. She encourages people to remember the things that made them happy as children and pursue those at any age. Ellen agreed that doing what you love is the secret of life.

Rita is touring in support of her new album, AM/FM, which you can get starting May 8 2012. Pre-order AM/FM by Rita Wilson, or preview the music using the player below.


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