Ellen: Rico Rodriguez Meets Quentin Tarantino & Reel Life Lessons


Ellen: Rico Rodriguez

Ellen: Rico Rodriguez Meets Quentin Tarantino & Reel Life Lessons

Rico Rodriguez told Ellen that he wants to be an writer and director when he grows up. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

On Modern FamilyRico Rodriguez plays the young and sensitive Manny. Rico has aspirations to be a writer and director in Hollywood and has also penned his first memoir, Reel Life Lessons So Far. Even though he regularly rubs elbows with the most famous directors in Hollywood, Rico is still a fairly normal 14-year-old boy.


Ellen: Rico Rodriguez At The Oscars

Rico was everywhere during awards season. Ellen found him in the fan section at the Oscars, playing to the part of fan correspondent for Oscar.com. He said it was a great experience and he got to be in the moment. He saw George Clooney signing fans’ autograph books and took it as a lesson in being cool.

Ellen: Rico Rodriguez Golden Globes

Rico and his sister, Raini, did the Golden Globes circuit together. The Modern Family cast had a big get together and then they all went to a party. Rico and Raini made seeing Ben Affleck their big goal of the night and after they got their photo Rico was ready to go. As they were waiting for the car, Quentin Tarantino walked behind them. Raini convinced Rico to go say hi, but before he could Tarantino gave him huge compliments on Modern Family. Rico was star struck.

He told Ellen that he aspires to be a director someday. Ellen gave him a directors hat and chair to get im prepared.


Ellen: Boomerang Blitz With Ellie and Rico

Ellie Kemper and Rico played a round of Boomerang Blitz for fun. They had to chase each other down for the boomerang. The first two times, Ellie sent Rico plowing backwards on the bungee cord.

“I’m so mean,” Kemper said. “You are the nicest person!”

Rico won the tie breaker and in honor of National Peanut Month they both went home with a can of nuts.


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