Ellen: Ricky Gervais Life’s Too Short, An Idiot Abroad & Golden Globes


Ellen: Ricky Gervais

“After hosting The Golden Globes for the second time last year and mocking most of Hollywood, most people, including me, thought our next guest would never be allowed back in the country,” Ellen joked. “Please welcome the very funny, Ricky Gervais.”

When Ricky walked onstage, Ellen asked him how he was.


Ellen: Ricky Gervais Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais told Ellen all about The Golden Globes, his gold underwear, and the two TV shows he's working on. (Harmony Gerber / Shutterstock.com)

“Gotta follow Meryl Streep,” he said. “No pressure…”

Meryl was Ellen‘s guest earlier in the show and had talked about how concerning the toilet at her hotel was because it was warm and soft. Ricky said he really enjoyed the story and speculated what was really going on at the time.


“I reckon somebody was already sitting on it,” Ricky joked.

Ellen: Ricky Gervais Gold Underwear

“Last time you were here, I gave you some fancy underwear,” Ellen said. “I gave you some gold underwear.”

Ellen was amused to find out that Ricky tweeted a picture of himself in the gold underwear, as she had requested.

Ricky said he appreciated the gift but was frustrated to find that they were far too small and ripped when he was trying to put them on. He said that he found them when he was leaving his hotel and decided he couldn’t bring them home.

“I was packing and I found these ripped golden shorts,” he said. “I thought, ‘There’s no way I’m taking that through customs.'”

Sadly, Ricky had to the gold underwear aware.

“I left the hotel and all that was in the bin was a bottle of champagne and these ripped golden shorts,” he said.

Ellen: Ricky Gervais Hosts The Golden Globes

This year, Ricky Gervais hosted The Golden Globes for the third time.

“You said you weren’t going to do it again,” Ellen said. “What made you change your mind?”

“I wasn’t going to do it again, but then there were loads of people in the press saying I’d never be invited back and that’s why I did it,” Ricky said.

Ellen asked how Ricky felt about the reactions he got the second time he hosted the awards, when he made a lot of jokes about various celebrities. Ricky said the vitriolic reaction he received from the press surprised him.

“I don’t think I was nasty. If those people saw my standup, their heads would explode,” Ricky said. “I was just teasing them. It wasn’t a room full of wounded soldiers. These are the richest people in the world.”

Ellen: Ricky Gervais Life’s Too Short & An Idiot Abroad

Ellen showed a hilarious preview of Ricky‘s show Life’s Too Short in which he got in a heated argument with Johnny Depp, both of whom were playing fictionalized versions of themselves. She mentioned that it was one of two shows that Ricky is currently juggling.

The other show she was referencing was the travel series, An Idiot Abroad. Ricky said that the show’s co-creator Karl Pilkington was an especially odd person to work with.

“He says things on the radio like, ‘What were them things in Gremlins called?” Ricky said of Karl. “And I said, ‘gremlins.'”

Ricky said he and Karl were once discussing the minimal genetic difference between human beings and chimpanzees.

“Think about that 1.4 percent difference between a man and a chimp,” Ricky said he remembered telling Karl. “Karl went, ‘That’s got to be the ass.'”

Ellen: Ricky Gervais Beer Glass

“I was going to give you a thing like this,” Ellen said, holding up a very tall beer glass.

“That’s a glass,” Ricky joked. “Well done!”

Ellen explained that it wasn’t an ordinary glass, because when Ricky tipped it as though he were drinking from it, Ellen‘s face was on the bottom of it. To provide him with an option, she handed him an enormous gold chalice that also had her face on the bottom of it.

Feeling overwhelmed by the size of the chalice, Ricky said he’d take the beer glass.

“What’s that called again?” Ricky asked.

“A glass,” Ellen said. “What’s this one called?”

“A chalice,” Ricky said.


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