Ellen: Reese Witherspoon This Means War Review


Ellen: Reese Witherspoon Black Dress

This Means War star Reese Witherspoon walked onstage wearing a sexy black dress. It was very minimalist in style, without any flare or ostentation, but it complimented her body perfectly. It was cut perfectly for her bust, looking open and comfortable, but without showing so much skin that she looked like she was trying too hard.

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon Valentine’s Day

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon This Means War

Reese Witherspoon gave Ellen a This Means War review and chatted about her children and the British Royal Family. (Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen asked Reese how her valentine’s day was, because it was the first valentine’s day she’d had since marrying talent agent Jim Toth. She married Jim in March, 2011.

Reese said her daughter bought her a mini rose bush for valentine’s day to add to her collection of Chia Pets.

“I’m obsessed with Chia Pets,” Reese said.


She said she had three Chia Pets and has always wanted one that looked like Mr. T.

“I was hoping for a Mr. T one, but I don’t think they make a Mr. T one,” she said. “That’s a sign of my age.”

“You’re fantasizing about a Mr. T Chia Pet,” Ellen teased.

Reese Witherspoon: Mr. T Chia Pet

Later in the show, Ellen surprised Reese with a Mr. T Chia Pet!

“This does not exist,” she said as she handed Reese the Chia Pet. “It was a one-time only TV Land promotion.”

Ellen said she had to search high and low just to even find it.

“Even Mr. T didn’t have one,” Ellen said. “We called Mr. T!”

“He has a mohawk y’all!” Reese said. “Watch that mohawk grow!”

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon Dance Surfing

Ellen showed a picture of Reese with her arms in the air while she was surfing. It was hysterical. She looked like she was waving obnoxiously at some one on the shore. Reese explained that she was doing a dance called “the dougie” in an effort to embarrass her children.

“In order to get the kids going in the morning, I say, ‘If you don’t get up, I’m going to do the dougie in front of the bus,'” she said. “They’re your kids. They’re embarrassed by everything you do.”

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon’s Mother In Blake Shelton Video

Apparently Reese‘s mother, Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon was in a music video for one of Blake Shelton‘s songs and Reese didn’t even know about it!

“My girlfriend called me and said, ‘I’m watching Country Music Television and I think your mother is in this Blake Shelton video,'” Reese said.

Reese said she called her mother to ask her why she hadn’t told her about the video. Reese said her mother said, “‘Between you and I [sic], I didn’t like my wardrobe.'”

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon Meets Royal Family

Reese recently got to meet members of the british royal family at a small fundraiser.

“I must have tried on six different outfits,” she said.

Reese said that she couldn’t help but wear her infamous hyper-emphatic grin that her husband lovingly calls “the double barrel.”

Ellen asked if she thinks that she made friends with the princess.

“I would like to hangout,” Reese said. “I’m not sure she wants to hangout with me, but I could see that happening sometime.”

Reese commended the princess on her impeccable composure.

“She’s so composed and she just seems like such a lady,” she said. “It’s nice these days to see some one with such composure who carries herself so beautifully.”

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon This Means War Preview

Ellen showed a preview of Reese Witherspoon‘s recent movie, This Means War. The clip showed Reese‘s character talking to herself in the bathroom while her two lovers fight in the dining area of a fancy restaurant.

It looked like a pretty funny movie.

“It’s about two spies who are best friends and they both sorta wanna meet a girl and settle down,” Reese explained. She said they end up meeting the same girl and falling in love with her. “They decide they’re not going to tell her. They’re going to let her choose, but then they try to sabotage each other and ‘may the best man win.'”

Ellen: Reese Witherspoon Kisses Chris Pine & Tom Hardy

Ellen pressed Reese for details about what it was like to kiss her This Means War costars, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy.

“So you had to kiss both of these men in the movie,” Ellen asked. “How was that?”

“Well…” Reese said, dramatically pausing to add to the humor. “It was not difficult.”

“Who was the better kisser?” Ellen asked. “I don’t know. They’re both so amazing and cute in different ways.”


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