Ellen: Ray Romano Twerking, Middle Aged Friends + Investigator Movie


Ellen TV: Ray Romano

Actor and comedian Ray Romano visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about married life and his return to the NBC family drama Parenthood. Why did Ellen have video of Ray Romano twerking, and how is his sibling rivalry with his brother going?

Ellen: Ray Romano Twerking


Ellen: Ray Romano Twerking, Middle Aged Friends + Investigator Movie

Why was Ray Romano twerking on Ellen? And why did this happen all the way back in 2004? Find out what Ray said life and friendship is like at middle age. (Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen gave Ray Romano credit for pioneering the twerking dance craze that really took off in summer 2013. The only problem is that Romano’s twerking demonstration was on Ellen’s show in 2005.

In an archival clip, Romano compared men’s and women’s dance moves, showing how women twerk and grind on their dance partners. The audience went wild for the side-by-side comparison of Ray Romano twerking and Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs.


“I think you need an ass to twerk,” Romano said. “I have the flattest ass in show business.” Good thing Ellen kept her Auto Twerk product close by.

Ellen TV: Ray Romano Middle Aged Friends

Ray Romano said that anything starting with “Tw” is off limits once you hit middle age: Twitter, twerking, and Twilight, for example. But he made an exception for Twitch. Romano is in his 50s now, and he said he has noticed it is hard to make close friends at his age.

There is an exception to this rule too: Ray said he will make friends with any doctors or specialists he runs into. In your teens, you want to be friends with the first kid to get a car. By your 20s, you want to know the friend with connections that can get you tickets to shows.

By the 30s and 40s, you want to be friends with a lawyer. But from the 50s through the 70s, it’s all about doctors. However, by the 80s, Romano said you will need to find a kid with a car once again.

Ellen: Ray Romano Married 26 Years

Romano and his wife Anna are approaching their 26th wedding anniversary. He said he thinks being married to someone who is unimpressed with his fame is one of the secrets of their success.

He tried to “get romantic” with his wife one morning, and after so many years, “you know right away whether it’s going to happen or not.” But she shot down his move by saying, “What’s your problem?”

Ray Romano told Ellen DeGeneres that married men know mornings are your best opportunity for romance, because the “tired” excuse doesn’t fly. Plus, she knows she is going to get a shower when she gets out of bed anyway. “But the best thing you have going for you is she can’t really see you yet,” he concluded.

Ellen TV: Richard Romano The Investigator Movie

Romano’s twin sons are 20 years old! The boys have been guests on Ellen’s show in the past, and seemed to be very popular during the 2005 season. Ray’s older brother is a New York City cop, and the two have always been competitive.

They were proud of one another until Richard retired and turned his story into a movie, which is coming to theaters! Now to keep their competition alive, Ray joked that he has to become a cop. You can check out the movie, called The Investigator, which is coming out September 13 2013.

As for Ray Romano, you can see him in another season of Parenthood, now Thursday nights on NBC, with its season premiere September 26.


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