Ellen Quizzes Child Presidential Experts Rainer and Atticus


Ellen: Rainer and Atticus Child Presidential Experts

Ellen invited Rainer and Atticus, child presidential experts, onto the show to talk about U.S. presidents. The boys are six and three years old, respectively, and are unusually educated on the topic.

Ellen: Presidential Experts

Ellen tested the knowledge of Rainer and Atticus, child presidential experts.


“I got started interested when I was two,” Rainer said. He said his interest was sparked by a placemat.

“I had placemats before and it just made me want to eat a salad,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Child Endorses President Obama’s Gay Marriage Stance

Ellen asked the boys what they knew about this year’s presidential election.


“I think Barack Obama should win,” Rainer said. “Because Barack Obama Said that men and men can marry each other and women and women can marry each other and I think that’s right.”

Being an outspoken advocate of Marriage Equality, Ellen smiled and said, “I really like you!”

All this time, Atticus had been quiet and often distracted, given that he was only three years old. It was adorable. In an attempt to engage him, Ellen looked at him and asked him what he thought of the upcoming election. However, Atticus‘s response had nothing to do with the election.

“When I’m born I was in my mommy’s belly,” Atticus said.

Ellen: Toddler Loves Martin Van Buren’s Sideburns

Ellen asked Rainer and Atticus who their favorite presidents were.

Rainer said his favorite president was John F. Kennedy because he inspired people.

“He gave his speech, ‘Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,'” Rainer said.

Atticus‘ answer was less conventional. “Martin Van Buren,” Atticus said. “I like his sideburns.”

“I’ve always been a fan of his sideburns,” Ellen said.

Ellen Tests Kid President Experts

Ellen began showing Rainer and Atticus pictures of various presidents and asking what they knew about each one as she did it.

The first was Abraham Lincoln. Rainer correctly named the former president and also knew that he was the 16th president, he freed the slaves, and he was born in Kentucky but moved to Illinois to be a lawyer. He accurately named every president that Ellen showed him and always had a few extra facts to share. It was quite impressive coming from a six-year-old. Atticus was mostly quiet but he did correctly name Calvin Coolidge.

Ellen Gives Children Free Trip to Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Rainer told Ellen that he and Atticus had plans to go see the Richard Nixon Presidential Library. Ellen told them the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was located right in California and that she had paid for them to be able to visit it after the show.

Ellen: Rainer For President?

Ellen asked Rainer and Atticus what they want to be when they grow up. Rainer‘s answer was ambitious and unsurprising.

“I want to be president,” Rainer said.

As usual, Atticus‘ response was a little more comical and a little less predictable.

“Martin Van Buren,” Atticus said.

After the boys left the show, Ellen joked about how she knew so much more about U.S. presidents than the boys did but she didn’t want to upstage them.

“I bet that they didn’t even know that President Garfield loved lasagna,” she said.


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