Ellen: Push Girls Review | Mia Schaikewitz & Angela Rockwood


Ellen: Push Girls

Ellen began her final segment with a video clip of the new Sundance Channel reality series Push Girls. The series gives a close up look at the lives of four women who are all unable to walk and use wheelchairs to move around in their daily lives.

“Los Angeles is a big city but somehow, by fate, we found each other,” a voice over on the video clip said. “We may be defined but we are not confined by our wheelchairs.”


Ellen: Push Girls Review

Ellen reviewed the Sundance Channel reality show Push Girls & talked with two of its stars.

Ellen said she thinks the show is very good.

“I’ve watched the pilot and I think it’s a fabulous show and an important show to have on the air,” Ellen said.


Ellen: Push Girls Mia Schaikewitz and Angela Rockwood

Ellen invited Mia Schaikewitz and Angela Rockwood, from the new Sundance Channel reality series Push Girls on the show to share the stories of how they became paralyzed.

Angela said she had her life figured out when tragedy struck. “My life was practically perfect,” she said.

She was recently engaged and she went to San Fransisco with some of her friends. On her way back, she got into a car accident and the impact damaged one of the vertebra in her spine.

“When I woke up in the hospital, the doctor told my father and my husband that I had a 3 percent chance of ever being able to feel anything from the neck down,” Angela said.

Mia said she had been unable to use her legs since she was 15. She had a stomachache and went to the hospital.

“It wasn’t until I was having x-rays taken when I realized my legs were really heavy,” she said.

What Mia ultimately found out was that she had suffered what she described as “similar to an aneurysm but it’s basically a blood vessel that burst in my spinal cord.”

Ellen: Push Girls Review

Ellen emphasized that Push Girls is not just another reality series. It has an important purpose.

“People have to understand that you’re like everybody else,” Ellen said.

“There is a cure for ignorance,” Mia said. “It’s called awareness, and we have it.”

Push Girls premieres June 1 2012 on Sundance Channel.


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