Ellen: Princess Merida’s Coronation & Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to Vegas


Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams “Blurred Lines”

I enjoy Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams separately. Together, I’m just a little confused. Especially this song, “Blurred Lines.” It’s got an amazing instrumental, but if that’s the best thing you can say we have issues.

I feel like the lyrics and sounds in this song are what a creepy guy at a bar would say to you. Some of it is nice, but then they talk about domesticating the woman and it gets a little hard to understand much more than “you’re a good girl.” It’s one of those songs that repeats the same thing over and over.


The song is a good dance song. Ellen loves the song, but she didn’t explain what the song is about. Word to the wise, don’t look up the lyrics. They are horrible.

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Sophia Grace & Rosie Go To Princess Merida’s Coronation

Sophia Grace and Rosie went to Disney World on a special mission. Princess Merida was crowned the 11th Disney Princess. Good luck getting her to do that Princess dance and wave, though. The girls performed at the coronation and got a special meet and greet with Merida afterward. 


Ellen: Princess Merida's Coronation & Sophia Grace & Rosie Go to Vegas

Ellen sent Sophia Grace and Rosie to Princess Merida’s coronation in Disney World. Their next adventure will be the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. (image credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“You’re a very special Princess because you’re brave,” Sophia Grace told her. Merida asked what made the girls brave. Sophia Grace said it was because of the time she caught a spider.

“I wonder how she washes all that hair,” Sophia Grace said when Merida went to get them bows and arrows. The girls got to practice archery with Princess Merida. They, of course, had arrows with suction cups. They then chased each other with the bows.

Sophia Grace & Rosie Meet Gaston & Give Out Toys

After the fun with Merida, the girls got to explore and meet more princesses. Snow White recommended her lipstick (candy apple red) and Gaston asked the girls on a date. Sophia Grace shot him down. They got to dance with Belle. Ellen gave them bumper stickers to put on people’s backs in line. “Sophia Grace & Rosie Were Behind Me at Disney World” At night, the girls wore light up dresses and passed out light up toys to the kids.

Ellen Sends Sophia Grace & Rosie To The Billboard Music Awards In Las Vegas

Next up from the girls, Ellen is sending them to the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The girls got tickets to go inside afterward and fake ID’s so they can get around town. Ellen also had special Vegas headpieces made so they can fit in with the showgirls.  

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  1. Dana says

    I have been searching everywhere trying to find where the girls got those light up dresses they wore at the disney parade! Where can I find them? We are going to disney in 3 weeks and my daughter is 6 and would LOVE it! What a special treat for her first trip to disney-I must find one!!!!

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