Ellen: Presidential Experts Atticus & Rainer Interview Michelle Obama


Ellen: Atticus & Rainer Muuss Presidential Experts

Six-year-old Rainer and four-year-old Atticus are two little boys who love Presidential trivia! The adorable brothers have so impressed Ellen that she decided to send them to both the 2012 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. On Ellen September 13, we watched as the young Ellen Show ambassadors chatted with conservative politicians at the RNC. Next up was the DNC, where we got to see the boys interview First Lady Obama. Take a look Atticus & Rainer on Ellen September 14.

Ellen: Atticus & Rainer at the DNC

Atticus & Rainer joined Ellen and said that they both had lots of fun at the Democratic National Convention. Rainer’s favorite part was getting to meet First Lady Michelle Obama. “I like her because she’s sweet, she’s funny, she’s nice, and she’s the First Lady,” he said.


Atticus & Rainer: Michelle Obama Interview

Ellen: Presidential Experts Atticus & Rainer Interview Michelle Obama

Ellen’s Presidential Correspondents, Atticus & Rainer, interviewed Michelle Obama on Ellen. (Frontpage / Shutterstock.com)

Atticus & Rainer were lucky enough to meet First Lady Michelle Obama in person; how many kindergardeners can say that? Rainer conducted most of the interview, while Atticus looked a little intimidated! The boys learned that Mrs. Obama’s favorite part about being First Lady is that she gets to help with issues such as getting kids healthier. Plus, her favorite President is Barack Obama– no surprise there!

Rainer had a special message from Ellen herself: do you feel guilty at all for cheating in the push-up competition? Mrs Obama said, “I think she’s still a little sore because she lost– big time!”


Mrs. Obama even turned the tables on Atticus & Rainer and asked them a few questions. Atticus told the First Lady that his favorite President is Martin Van Buren, and when she asked him why, he answered “because I like his side burns.” In the spirit of President Van Buren’s facial hair, Mrs Obama presented the boys with fake side burns to wear, and asked each of them to do their best Presidential impression.

“Four score and seven years ago, people had side burns…” jokester Rainer began. This cracked Mrs Obama right up!

Atticus & Rainer: Anderson Cooper Interview

At CNN headquarters, Atticus & Rainer got to interview Anderson Cooper. They asked the political expert how many Presidents he could name in ten seconds, and put him to the test. He delivered a respectable ten (one per second). However, Atticus & Rainer blew him out of the water with twenty-two. They learned all of their Presidential knowledge from a placemat!

When Anderson found out that the boys had interviewed the First Lady, he couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. “I can’t even get an interview with Michelle Obama!”

Atticus & Rainer: Vote for Rainer in 2040

It’s Rainer’s ambition to become President in the year 2040, with– who else?– his little brother as his running mate. In fact, he’s already got part of his Inauguration speech written: “There’s no Republicans, there’s no Democrats, there’s America.”

Ellen said that she would vote for Rainer, and so would I!


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