Ellen: Patrick Dempsey ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & Dempsey Challenge 2012


Ellen: Patrick Dempsey Interview

Ellen said he is kind, generous and nice to look at. Patrick Dempsey is one of the dreamiest guys on TV and joined Ellen to talk about the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, Twitter and The Dempsey Challenge 2012.

Patrick Dempsey: A Toast To Ellen and Ten Years

Ellen talked with Patrick Dempsey about the new season of Grey's Anatomy, The Dempsey Challenge 2012, Twitter & Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Ellen DeGeneres talked with Patrick Dempsey about the new season of Grey's Anatomy, The Dempsey Challenge 2012, Twitter and her Hollywood Walk of Fame star.


This is the 10th season of Ellen and to help celebrate, Patrick Dempsey brought along some Cristal Champagne to celebrate. He gave her a toast and said, “To a remarkable woman that has a great sense of humor, huge heart and a complete supporter of the underdog. Ten years and hopefully ten more to come.”

Ellen: Star On the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Patrick brought up the Ellen received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Ellen said it is in front of the W Hotel. She said people can walk out of the hotel onto her.

Patrick Dempsey: The Dempsey Challenge 2012

Patrick Dempsey talked about The Dempsey Challenge 2012, which is on October 13 2012 and October 14 2012. He said it is a great ride to help support the Dempsey Center, which is a wellness center for anyone or family of someone that has been diagnosed with cancer. All the services are free and they do a bike ride to help support it. The bike ride is in Lewiston, ME, which is Dempsey’s hometown.


Patrick Dempsey: Grey’s Anatomy Review

Ellen said the season ended with a plane crash. Patrick said, “We are left up in the air on who survives the plane crash and who doesn’t.” The season premiere takes place on September 27 2012 on ABC.

Patrick Dempsey: Trouble on Twitter

Patrick said he is tweeting now and he tweeted some pictures from this season of Grey’s Anatomy and they are like spoiler alerts. He got all these phone calls from ABC that he must take the pictures down. Dempsey said they were great images and he had to share them with everyone. One was of Eric Dane and Ellen said clearly he survived the plane crash. Dempsey said he likes taking pictures and sending them to everyone.


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