Ellen: Pamela Anderson Running NYC Marathon + Climate Revolution


Ellen TV: Pamela Anderson

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed the blonde bombshell, Pamela Anderson. She strutted out wearing a bright orange cape, and then explained that it’s about climate revolution with Vivienne Westwood.

Ellen said she hadn’t seen Pamela Anderson in a while, but recently saw pictures of her on what looked like a clothing-optional beach. The picture showed Pamela wearing bikini bottoms, but covering her top half with her arms. “If I knew there were photographers there I would’ve taken the bottoms off too,” Pamela said.


She explained that she was on a beach in France, and there are a lot of nude beaches in France, but they still spotted her. Ellen said she was there with her ex-husband, but Pamela said she calls the two of them best friends. “Best friends with benefits.”

Ellen: Pamela Anderson Running NYC Marathon + Climate Revolution

Pamela Anderson stopped by Ellen to talk about why she will run the NYC Marathon. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

She said she didn’t feel like meeting anyone else, and Ellen pointed out that she always goes back to the same guys. “It’s recycling,” Pamela said.


Ellen: Pamela Anderson Kids

Pamela’s kids are now 17 and 15 years old. She said her 15-year-old is surfing and winning a bunch of competitions, and her 17-year-old is interning all over the world. She said he’s in advertising and will actually be interning for Vivienne Westwood.

“Considering the gene pool,” Pamela said. “They are perfect gentlemen. I’m very proud of them.”

Ellen TV: Pamela Anderson Training For NYC Marathon

Ellen also pointed out that Pamela Anderson was training for the New York City Marathon, and Pamela said “yes, how long is that?”

She said she’s been training for six months, but before that she had never even run across the street. She said when she first stared, she hated it. She said now she loves it and looks forward to it.

The furthest she’s run so far is 12 miles, but said she always thinks, “if my son was hurt, I could run 26 miles to him.” Ellen responded “you’d think that, but no.”

The great thing is, Pamela is doing it for a great cause: Haiti. Ellen said she loved that she was doing it for a great cause, but she wasn’t going to make it. Pamela pointed out that she can walk, crawl, or run, whatever it takes to finish.

Pamela said she will be running with her brother, who’s an athlete that has been running his whole life. She said he promised her that he wasn’t going to leave her.

Ellen: Pamela Anderson Brazilian Vogue

Ellen also shared that Pamela Anderson was recently in Brazilian Vogue, and one of the pictures featured Pamela wearing a very short shirt. “Something is missing,” Ellen joked.

She also shared a black and white photograph of Pamela’s face that was absolutely stunning. She said she remembered going to the photo shoot on the beach, thinking it was going to be wild and glamorous with big hair. But he ended up putting no makeup on her and pulling her hair back into a ponytail.

She said she doesn’t always wear makeup, but for a picture she usually does.

Ellen TV: Pamela Anderson Preparing To Run Marathon

Ellen wanted to help Pamela Anderson prepare for running the New York City marathon as well as help support her cause, which is Haiti. Ellen set her up in front of a green screen. Ellen wrapped herself in the Vivienne Westwood Climate Revolution cape, and Pamela was wearing a Climate Revolution t-shirt.

Ellen explained that for every obstacle Pamela overcomes, Shutterfly would donate $1,000 to the Haitian Relief Fund.

Pamela Anderson chose not to take off her heels, so she had to run in place in shoes that definitely weren’t meant for running! First Ellen turned on the fans, making it very windy. She said because it was fall, there would be a ton of leaves, so she was blasted with leaves. Then came snow and hail, before Ellen hit her with water representing rain. Ellen then brought out flying bats, saying she could run into those during the marathon. She was also blasted with fog and then finally silly string and confetti.

Ellen and Shutterfly ended up giving Pamela $10,000 for the Haitian Relief Fund.

Ellen also gifted Pamela with a tank top that read “Watch Ellen” and shorts that read “Seriously… Watch Ellen Every Day!”


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