Ellen: Pamela Anderson “Dancing with the Stars” Interview


Pamela Anderson: Animal Rescues

Pamela Anderson is blonde bombshell and contestant on the upcoming Dancing with the Stars: All Stars competition. However, before they got to that, she and Ellen talked about Pamela’s work with animals. Pamela is very passionate about animal rights, and is involved with several incredible causes and charities.

Ellen: Pamela Anderson "Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars" & Tommy Lee

Pamela Anderson discussed animal activism and “Dancing with the Stars” on Ellen. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


She recently teamed up with Paul McCartney to rescue an elephant from India; the poor guy had been chained in a temple for the past six years, but is now thriving at an elephant sancutary. Then, Pamela rescued a cow and a baby horse in Austria. Pamela’s animal activism takes her all over the world, from Bulgaria to Rio.

Pamela Anderson: Marriage Pact with Tommy Lee?

Remember Pamela’s marriage to rocker Tommy Lee? Who can forget! Their on-and-off relationship was the subject of many headlines throughout the 1990s, and was often a tumultuous affair. Pamela isn’t dating anyone at the moment, so Ellen wanted to know, is the rumor of a marriage pact with Tommy really true? Pamela was happy to confirm that it is actually not true. It looks like once was enough for the couple!

Pamela Anderson: Dancing with the Stars

Pamela is currently working hard and training for this season of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars. So, who is her biggest competition? “Everyone!” Pamela said. Everyone in the competition is incredibly talented, a past winner, or an all-star athlete. Pamela isn’t too shabby herself, but she’s got a tough road ahead of her! She said that she is really working hard and giving this season her all. She wants that trophy!


Ellen is really rooting for Pamela, too, so she got her a very special present. Ellen presented Pamela with sparkly light-up dance shoes, with the phrase “Vote for Pamela” written right on them! They were very cool, and Pamela liked them a lot, too. However, she couldn’t try them on for fear of wardrobe malfunction!

Don’t miss the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars: All Stars September 24 at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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