Ellen: Olivia Munn Dance Moves & Magic Mike Channing Tatum Nude


Ellen: Olivia Munn

When Olivia Munn walked out to meet Ellen, she was as ecstatic as a child. She ran over and gave Ellen an emphatic hug around the waist.

“I have not been hugged like that by an adult ever,” Ellen said.


Olivia said she was nervous that she was little too excited to be on the show.

Ellen: Oliva Munn Magic Mike

Oliva Munn taught Ellen dance moves & worked with co-star Channing Tatum on the new movie Magic Mike. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“I’m so afraid that I’m going to sound like a 31-year-old Sophia Grace because I’m going to scream the whole time!” she said.


Olivia explained that her enthusiasm was due to her longstanding admiration of Ellen.

“I watched your sitcom,” she said to Ellen. “Before that I was watching your standup and I watched your first show.”

Olivia said she was so excited before she came onstage that her friends made fun of her.

“My friends are back there and they said, ‘I haven’t seen you like that ever,'” she said. “It’s because it’s Ellen!”

Ellen praised Olivia‘s enthusiasm. She said that too many people try to quell their excitement because they want to look cool.

“Oh my god–I’m not cool!” Olivia quipped.

Ellen: Olivia Munn Dance Moves

Being a notorious advocate for dancing, Ellen noted that Olivia names her dance moves and asked her to show them to the audience. Of course, Olivia enthusiastically obliged.

The first one was called, “I’m at the club with my friends and my ex-boyfriend just walked in.” At first she was dancing casually. Then she pantomimed watching her boyfriend walk into the club and started shaking her butt and her breasts to try to seem as seductive as possible, so as to make her imaginary boyfriend jealous.

The second one was called, “She is so not…” For this, she turned away from the audience and shook her butt. Then she started slowly turning to face the audience and revealed the strange, bewildering look she had on her face. She bulged her eyes out a little bit and opened her mouth so that her teeth looked abnormally large. It was pretty funny.

Ellen: Olivia Munn Magic Mike

After Olivia Munn returned to her seat, Ellen tried to prompt a conversation about Olivia‘s new movie, Magic Mike. However, that’s not what Olivia wanted to talk about.

“Let’s talk about the movie,” Ellen said.

“Let’s talk about our friendship!” Olivia said. Then she began talking about all of the things she wants to do with Ellen. For example, she said that she, Ellen, and one of her friends should go kayaking.

“Can you fit three people in a kayak,” Ellen asked.

“We would!” Olivia said. “Cause I’m asian.”

The whole conversation was adorable because, as much as she was hamming it up, you could really see how much Olivia adores Ellen.

Ellen: Magic Mike Channing Tatum Nude

Though they didn’t spend much time talking about Olivia‘s new movie, Magic Mike, they did talk about some of the celebrities who are supposedly nude in the film, most notably Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey.

The film is based on Channing Tatum‘s experiences as a stripper.

“We can go see the movie together,” Olivia said.

“I guess we’ll see it together after we kayak,” Ellen said.


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