Ellen: Nicole Richie Fashion Star & Lionel Richie Family Dog Photos


Ellen: Nicole Richie & Lionel Richie

Ellen DeGeneres blew my mind by introducing Nicole Richie as a mother of two. You learn something new every day, I guess, but must Nicole’s children’s lives be like? She’s also an author and a fixture on NBC’s new reality competition series Fashion Star.

Nicole’s father Lionel Richie was recently on Ellen, and she reported that his Tuskegee Album Is #1. Nicole said that it’s a lot different seeing his success as adult than it was when she was growing up.


Ellen: Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie told Ellen about dressing like her mom as a child & the success of NBC's Fashion Star. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

“Watching people’s reactions to his songs, and watching so many country music icons come on stage with him and do their own take on the song was just something that I was really happy to see,” she said. “It was a very cool moment.”

Nicole Richie: Lionel Richie Family & Dog Photos

Nicole said her father has always been great about leaving his work at work and focusing on family while at home. The family got together during Easter, and she talked about the family’s photo session. Lionel had issues taking pictures with an iPhone camera.


She added that he has many pictures of his dogs, but not a lot of photos of his children. “By the way, I’ve never seen him pet one dog in his house,” Nicole said.

Ellen: Nicole Richie Children

Nicole’s kids are ages 4 and 2 ½, but they’re already learning to ride horses. “We do this little mini horseback riding thing, and they wear little helmets,” she said, showing off a photo.

Ellen said that’s an expensive hobby, and she would be cautious about getting them into it at such a young age. Nicole said she and her kids like spending time outside.

Ellen: Nicole Richie Fashion Star

Nicole Richie explained that 14 designers are competing for the chance to have their design collections in stores like Macy’s, H&M, and Saks Fifth Avenue. She said you can buy the show’s designs online the night you watch the show, or in stores the next day.

“This idea of immediate fashion and accessible fashion is something that’s never been done before,” she said. “And we didn’t know how it was going to turn out, but the clothes are selling out, almost right away.”

You can catch Nicole Richie and see fashion designs to purchase online when Fashion Star airs, Tuesday nights on NBC.

Ellen: Nicole Richie & Mom Lookalike Fashions

Ellen dug up a photo of a very young Nicole Richie and and her mother wearing matching leopard print dresses.

“My mom did not let me wax my eyebrows,” Nicole explained. “And she always wanted me to dress like her.”

Oh no. There was another photo of the two of them wearing matching pastel dresses that look like something a mermaid’s bridesmaid might wear. We can at least tell that her fashion sense has improved since then.

Ellen: Nicole Richie What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap

Ellen invited Nicole to play a quick round of What’s On Cee Lo’s Lap? When he turned around, Ellen had inserted a photo of Nicole into Cee Lo’s lap.



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