Ellen: Nicole Richie “Candidly Nicole” New Web Series & Nine Tattoos


Ellen: Nicole Richie Tramp Stamp

Nicole Richie came by Ellen May 3 2013 to talk about her brand new web series “Candidly Nicole.” The premise of the show is that they take some of Nicole Richie’s most popular tweets and turn them into short three to five minute videos depicting what the tweet discusses. For example, they showed a tweet she wrote that said, “Woke up feeling good about myself, until I remembered I have a tramp stamp.” The clip showed her meeting with her doctor about removing the tramp stamp. “I was 16 and an idiot and didn’t want my parents to see. So like, I’m not that girl,” she told the doctor. AOL and Nicole Richie worked together on the show. They thought her tweets were really funny and approached her about doing it.

Ellen: Nicole Richie "Candidly Nicole" New Web Series & Nine Tattoos

Nicole Richie came by Ellen May 3 2013 to talk about her new web series “Candidly Nicole,” her tattoos and her husband Joel Madden. (image credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Nicole Richie Tattoos

Nicole Richie got her first tattoo when she was 14 in a garage and then she got another one a week later. The third one was the tramp stamp. Richie said she didn’t end up getting rid of the tramp stamp, because the process takes about a year. Ellen said that they should make flesh-colored White Out for tattoos people regret. Richie said she has nine tattoos in total. Richie said the last tattoo she got was when she was 20 and she wouldn’t get another one.

“I don’t love anything enough to be putting it on my skin. I’ll just write it down. Take a photo of it,” she said.

Nicole Richie Husband Joel Madden

Nicole Richie’s husband Joel Madden, singer for Good Charlotte, is currently a judge on the Australian version of The Voice. He spends about five months there on and off while the show films. Nicole Richie visits him often with their two kids.


Nicole Richie’s Children

Her daughter Harlow has picked up the Australian accent, which Nicole Richie said only happens for three days of the week. Richie said she just accepts the accent and doesn’t think Harlow can help it. She added that the Australian accent is very hard to do. She also said her son Sparrow has spent a lot of his life on tour with her husband, so Sparrow loves to perform for his parents and then have “meet and greets.” Sparrow has his father pretend to be a bodyguard and then everybody who works in the house comes down to have a meet and greet with him. Sparrow tells everyone he’s very busy and takes a picture with each of them with a fake camera.


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