Ellen: Nicki Minaj’s Advice For Young Fans & Why She Quit Twitter


Ellen: Nicki Minaj’s Message To Young Fans

Nicki Minaj’s dirty dancing knocked her microphone loose before she could chat with Ellen. Once Nicki had a chance to readjust herself, Ellen informed her that the YouTube video where she surprised Sophia Grace & Rosie has more than 40 million views.

Ellen said it meant a lot to the little girls that Nicki Minaj joined them on her show.


“It was such a memorable moment for me too,” Nicki said. “I really kept thinking about it when we left.” She revealed that she’s kept in touch with their families since that first appearance.

Despite the provocative nature of some of Nicki Minaj’s lyrics, her music has attracted a following among fans of all ages. How does she feel about her influence over young people?

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Role Model & Lyrics

Does being a role model affect Nicki Minaj's lyrics? The singer gave advice to young girls. (Image Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


“I’m realizing I don’t have to deal with it. I’m not their parents,” she said. “I can only give advice, and you guys know I always give my young little ladybugs my most precious advice, which is to stay a child. Don’t rush to grow up.”

She noted that there is always a clean version of any music she releases, which is available to innocent ears.

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Spending Money

Ellen wondered how Nicki is managing the phenomenal success she has had, in terms of both fame and fortune, since growing up without the spoils of success.

“I’m still not a big spender,” Nicki sad, though she loves to buy things for other people. “When I buy myself stuff, I feel like, ‘I don’t really need this. Why am I getting it?’”

On the other hand, she’s good to the friends who’ve stayed by her side. She recently hooked them up with Range Rovers. (I hope she’s paying for their gas!)

Nicki Minaj actually drove herself to the show taping from Malibu, California, and said the drive was relaxing. She can’t take her pink car out without being noticed. Motorists exhibit poor judgement and attempt to snap photos of Nicki in her iconic ride.

It never stops for Nicki, who went out in public in a hoodie, but still got recognized by a young fan. Ellen assumed Nicki doesn’t go out in her stylish and iconic outfits.

Nicki Minaj Put Ellen In Her Lyrics

Ellen admitted she was flattered to learn she made it into the lyrics of one of Nicki’s songs, “Come On A Cone”: “When you see me on Ellen, just admit that I’m winning.” That’s a great honor, but I feel like being an Emmy Winning Talk Show Host means you’ll end up in pop culture, even rap lyrics.

Nicki sang a few bars for Ellen on the spot, and Ellen promised to return the favor if she ever writes a song.

Ellen: Nicki Minaj Quits Twitter

Despite amassing 11.5 million followers, Nicki Minaj has decided to walk away from Twitter, and she explained her reasoning to Ellen. In fact, Nicki quit Twitter altogether before deciding to give it another shot. Nicki Minaj let her British accent slip out before coming around to an answer.

“A voice said, ‘Delete.’ …I don’t know why I did it,” Nicki said. But fans told her they missed the connection, and once she realized the impact, she came back to Twitter. You can follow her @nickiminaj.


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