Ellen: Nathan Lane Mirror Mirror Review & The Iceman Cometh


Nathan Lane: Ellen

Nathan Lane may be one of the funniest people alive. During his interview with Ellen, she hardly spoke because he made everyone laugh so much, before sharing a Mirror Mirror review.

Ellen: Mirror Mirror Review

Nathan Lane Mirror Mirror Review: Ellen

Nathan Lane gave Ellen a Mirror Mirror review, talked about life as an openly gay actor, and mentioned his work in The Iceman Cometh. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen showed a clip of Nathan Lane‘s new movie, Mirror Mirror, a new telling of the Snow White fairy tale.

It featured Nathan as one of the Queen’s subjects. His wagon is attacked by some woods people who rob him of his money.

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” Nathan‘s character says as he hands the money over.


Nathan joked that the movie was “so good, they named it twice.”

“It’s a family version of the classic Grimm fairy tale,” he said.

Nathan said that the story was “crying out to be retold,” so much so that there are two Snow White films coming out this year. He was referring to Snow White and the Huntsman.

“I just want to say that if you’re only going to see one Snow White movie this year, this one comes out first,” Nathan said.

He said filming the movie was a lot of fun and called his costar, Julia Roberts, a “secret weapon.”

“I was so looking forward to working with her,” Nathan said.

Nathan joked that Julia was “very emotionally and physically abusive” to him because she played the wicked queen.

Ellen: Nathan Lane Mario Lopez Naked

Nathan began by commending Ellen for all of the wonderful things she has done, but said that he was appreciative of “none more so than when” she got “Mario Lopez to take all of his clothes off.”

“I’m sure I speak for a lot of the women here and maybe that guy in the third row,” Nathan teased. “You seemed to just gently touch him and the clothes just fell away faster than a Kardashian marriage.”

Ellen: Nathan Lane One Million Moms Controversy

Nathan took a moment to express admiration for the way that Ellen handled the controversy surrounding JC Penney‘s gay friendly advertisements. The controversy started when anti-gay group Million Moms started publicly criticizing JC Penney for the advertisements.

Nathan said he appreciated the way that Ellen and JC Penney, for whom she is a spokesperson, responded to the controversy.

“God knows, as a gay man, I’ve stared discrimination in the face a hundred times,” Nathan said. “And that was just watching the Republican presidential debate.”

Ellen: Nathan Lane Gay Friendly Bandwagon

Nathan said that he was almost late to Ellen‘s show because he couldn’t hail a cab.

“You’ll never guess who showed up,” he said. “It was the pro-gay bandwagon!”

Nathan then began a hilarious monologue about how “jolly and inclusive” people on the pro-gay bandwagon are.”

“Everyone was very fashionably dressed in their JC Penney designer clothes,” he teased. “The pro-gay bandwagon band play a lot of Broadway, a little too much Sondheim for my taste, but it grows on you.”

Ellen: Nathan Lane The Iceman Cometh Review

Ellen asked Nathan about his next role, onstage in The Iceman Cometh. The play was written by Eugene O’Neill in 1939 and follows the lives of a saloon’s drunken denizens.

“I’m going to chicago and I’ll be there from April 21 to June 10,” he said.

Nathan said Chicago is “the best town for theater.”

Ellen: Nathan Lane Things You Yell Out Game

Ellen was going to play “Last Word” with Nathan but the rules confused him so they played “Things You Yell Out” instead.

When Ellen explained the rules, Nathan looked confused and said, “Can I have a drink?”

Despite Nathan‘s confusion, they played the game and Nathan definitely won. Everything he shouted out was oddly hysterical.

Newt Gingrich!?” Nathan shouted.

“Hey–look out!” Ellen said.

“Hey! Put down that machete Mildred!” Nathan said.

“Careful–there’s a banana peel!” Ellen said.

For winning the game, Ellen gave him a $100 JC Penney gift card.


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