Ellen: ‘Mirror Mirror’ Star Julia Roberts Wanted To Be A Vet


Ellen: Julia Roberts Wanted To Be A Vet

Ellen DeGeneres asked Julia Roberts about the ranch she owns. The actress talked about her “butt numbing experience” of tending the yard on her riding lawnmower. Julia Roberts accurately pointed out that she and Ellen couldn’t maintain their composure.

Julia Roberts said she has Western horses as well as dogs on her property. She also has chickens, but not baby kittens, which she brought up for some reason. “More people like puppies than kittens,” Ellen pointed out, gauging the audience applause reactions.


Ellen: Julia Roberts Animals

Before going into acting, animal lover Julia Roberts wanted to be a veterinarian. (Helga Esteb/Shutterstock.com)

Julia Roberts campaigned for Ellen to get a new kitten, but the talk show host said that her cats wouldn’t get along with new kittens. Julia’s interest in animals dates back to when she saw the original Dr. Doolittle and was inspired to become a veterinarian.

“But then I started taking science and biology and realized, ‘Wow, that is hard,’” she said.


Ellen: Julia Roberts Mirror Mirror

Whether you love Julia Roberts or love to hate her, you are likely to enjoy her turn as the evil witch in the Snow White-inspired movie Mirror Mirror, opening March 30 2012. Her co-stars include Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane, among others.

“He’s a good Prince Charming,” Julia Roberts said of Armie Hammer. She said that Lily Collins plays the pivotal role of Snow White in the movie.

Mirror Mirror Director Tarsem Singh

Ellen said she enjoyed Tarsem Singh’s vision of the story and the way the classic fairy tale was adapted into this film. “It is something that is his own planet, and you just go into that universe and hold on tight,” Julia said of working with the director.

She said that he often laughs during takes and especially enjoyed the clip Ellen showed of a scene in which Julia’s character attempts to get a beautifying makeover.

Ellen: Julia Roberts Mirror Mirror Outfits

Julia Roberts said that they had to build her a special tent onstage so she could wear the enormous, flowing, and wide dresses for her role as the queen. The dresses weighed up to 60 pounds, and she said she pulled a muscle during filming just by turning around.

Ellen asked how long it took her to get in and out of the dresses. Julia said it was about 15 minutes to get in, which is less than you’d guess to look at these big things.

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As Ellen asked Julia what her kids thought of this Snow White adaptation, a man dressed in drag as Snow White was sneaking up behind Julia Roberts, grabbing her shoulder and scaring her for the second time today.

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“That was one big Snow White,” Julia Roberts observed.

Ellen: Julia Roberts Gift

To make up for frightening her guest, Ellen presented Julia Roberts with a special gift. Since she and her husband are about to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary, Ellen wanted to find an aluminum gift for the couple.

In a takeoff on her Ellen Underwear, Ellen gave Julia Roberts an aluminum bra and G-string, which she said is lighter than her Mirror Mirror dresses.

Ellen: Julia Roberts Acting Career

Director Mike Nichols recently told Vanity Fair that Julia Roberts’s acting performances seem effortless. What is your favorite Julia Roberts role?


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