Ellen: Minnie Driver’s Son Henry & Oxfam International


Ellen Chats With Minnie Driver And Plays Guesstures

Ellen heard all about Minnie Driver’s son Henry and about Minnie’s work with Oxfam International. Then they played Guesstures!

Ellen: Minnie Driver’s Son Henry

Ellen Minnie Driver Son Henry

Ellen heard all about Minnie Driver's son Henry and about Minnie's work with Oxfam International. Then they played Guesstures! (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Minnie Driver gave birth to her son Henry Story Driver on September 5 2008. She is currently a single mother.


Ellen asked how Henry has been doing and Minnie showed a picture of Henry dressed in a fancy cardigan with a wooden staff at his side.

“That stick is everything,” Minnie said. “It’s his horse. It’s a sword. He talks to it.”

“So you’re saving money on toys,” Ellen said.


“Hell to the yes,” Minnie said.

Ellen: Minnie Driver’s Son Henry’s First Day Of School

Minnie said that Henry has the funny habit of saying “are” when it is grammatically correct to say “am.”

Apparently, on Henry’s first day of school, he approached the gardener who was working outside of the school and said to him, “Are you my teacher? I are Henry. I are here to do learning.”

“He really does need some learning if he’s talking that way,” Ellen teased.

Ellen asked Minnie whether it was hard to leave her son at school for the first time and Minnie said that she cried after she dropped him off.

“To leave your child, to walk away without your child and go back to your incredibly quiet house, it’s really weird,” Minnie said.

Ellen joked that if she had kids, she’d stalk them when they went to school.

“I would be dressed as a shrub and I would be outside and I would be looking,” she said.

Ellen: Minnie Driver’s Son Henry’s Pictures

Minnie said that she saves all of the art that her son Henry makes. She said the first picture he drew was of her that apparently featured her with a beard.

Ellen: Minnie Driver Oxfam International

Minnie Driver is an ambassador at Oxfam International, an organization that allows people in developed countries to purchase useful items for people in third world countries. Minnie said that you can buy goats, irrigation systems, and similar items that are essential to life in less developed countries. She said that people can make donations anywhere from $10 to thousands of dollars.

“It helps people help themselves,” Minnie said.

Learn more about the group here: Oxfam International

Ellen: Guesstures With Minnie Driver

Minnie Driver is apparently very competitive. She came on Ellen’s show with the intention of beating her at a game.

Ellen accepted the challenge by agreeing to a game of Guesstures. She invited two audience members to the stage to participate.

The game was very similar to charades. Ellen and Minnie were each paired with an audience member. One member would pantomime words and try to get the other to say the word. If the word was not guessed quickly enough, the word would fall and the team would lose that point.

Ellen went first and got all of the words. Her words were surfing, monkey, ladder, and umbrella.

Minnie went next and got all but her last word. The words were shaving, jackhammer, ice cream, and onion.

Apparently, “onion” was the word that Minnie fumbled last time she was on the show.

Ellen teased Minnie saying that they gave her “onion” again so that she could have a chance to redeem herself.

“We weren’t giving you the same word because you lost on it,” Ellen teased.

“You fixed everything!” Minnie said, pretending to be upset.

“It’s not about you,” Ellen said. “It’s about them.


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