Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer Bucket List, Johnny Depp & Flat Stanley


Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer & Johnny Depp

When’s the last time you saw Michelle Pfeiffer on TV? If it’s been awhile, you should know she’s aging very well. She is starring, along with First Time Ellen Guest Johnny Depp, in the new movie adaptation of Dark Shadows.

Michelle Pfeiffer admitted that she’s had Johnny Depp on her bucket list for years, as well as a feature film remake of the legendary TV soap Dark Shadows. “He was pretty awesome,” Michelle said of working with Johnny. “The most surprising thing was that…he just really put everyone at ease right away.”


Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer Dark Shadows

Michelle Pfeiffer fused two career dreams: working with Johnny Depp & remaking Dark Shadows. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen: Johnny Depp & Michelle Pfeiffer

Ellen and Michelle just talked about Johnny like he wasn’t sitting right next to them. It sounds like there was a lot of laughter on the Dark Shadows set.

“The whole tone that we were trying to strike with this was…heightened melodrama, taking melodrama to another level and just teetering on the edge of really horrible acting,” Michelle said. She recalled telling Johnny during filming that some scenes would draw the wrath of critics and fans on the film review website Rotten Tomatoes.


Ellen: Johnny Depp Dark Shadows Nails

Johnny had to wear special fingernails during filming, which had to stay on all day long. Michelle revealed that he gave them away at the end of each day to whoever he thought had turned in a really strong performance.

When Ellen asked Johnny how he managed basic tasks like using the restroom with his gangly and potentially hazardous fingernails, he admitted that he had assistance on the set. What a weird job to have.

Ellen: Michelle Pfeiffer Flat Stanley

Michelle Pfeiffer brought along a paper cutout of a guy named Stanley.

“This was sent to me a year ago by a student. And I was supposed to take a picture with it and send it back,” she explained. Apparently this is a common thing, because the audience howled in recognition of this assignment (or maybe because they were in the presence of Ellen, Johnny, and Michelle).

Michelle’s participation in the student’s project was thwarted when she lost Stanley. But upon finding him, she brought him to the show and got a picture with the three of them.

“This is going to be my Christmas card,” Ellen announced.


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