Ellen: Michael Strahan Super Bowl, Dance Dare & Twister Hoopla


Ellen: Michael Strahan New York Giants at Super Bowl

The first thing Ellen said to Michael Strahan when he came on the show was, “Congratulations,” because Michael‘s old team, the New York Giants made it to the Super Bowl.

“The Giants are back!” he said. “I’m very excited about that.”


Ellen: Michael Strahan Super Bowl

Michael Strahan talked about the Super Bowl and how excited he is for the New York Giants. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

“It must have made you nervous because San Francisco was doing very well for a while,” Ellensaid.

Ellen asked Michael if it’s hard for him to stay neutral when he does Fox NFL Sunday, since he played football for so many years. Michael said it definitely is. He said there are times when the Giants will be playing and he’ll find himself openly favoring them.


“I was there for 15 years!” he said. “It’s hard.”

Ellen: Michael Strahan Super Bowl Predictions

“We had a bet and you did not win,” Ellen said, referring to a bet that she made with Michael the last time he was on the show.

Michael said he remembered the bet, but contested whether Ellen had won.

“I picked the Green Bay Packers to play the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl,” Michael said. Ultimately, the Giants played the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. Michael said that while his prediction was inaccurate, he still won the bet. “You picked two teams that didn’t make it as far as mine,” he told Ellen, who picked the Packers and the New Orleans Saints.

“Well that’s ridiculous,” Ellen joked. “They’re in different divisions. They can’t even play each other.”

Michael laughed and said he knew that at the time but went along with it anyway.

To prove that she won the bet, Ellen showed a video clip from her previous conversation with Michael. Although she most definitely bet that the Packers would play the Saints, she doctored the audio of the video by dubbing over it to say, “I think for sure it’s going to be Patriots and Giants in the Super Bowl.”

Ellen: Michael Strahan Dance Dare

“We started this dance dare thing,” Ellen said. “You did it at the game, which is hilarious!”

Michael said that when Ellen asked him to do it, he thought, “Ok, why not?”

“What is strange is that when I was doing it, people were just looking around like, ‘Oh, that’s just Michael,'” he said.

“That’s sad and funny,” Ellen said.

Ellen showed a video montage of Michael‘s dance dare. It was hilarious. It was clearly very cold out and Michael was staying warm by dancing behind football icons like Terry Bradshaw and Justin Long.

“They’re gonna hate me now,” Michael said.

Ellen: Michael Strahan Child Cancer Charity

Michael has done work with St. Jude Game Day Give Back and encouraged Ellen‘s viewers to take part in it this year. It’s a charity fundraiser in which people collect donations during their Super Bowl parties. The money raised helps save the lives of children with cancer.

“Last year they raised $1.4 million and hopefully this year, they’ll raise more,” Michael said.

Ellen: Michael Strahan Twister Hoopla

“It’s time for a special edition of our game, Twister Hoopla,” Ellen said. She called out the names of three audience members to come up and participate in the game. As usual, the audience members absolutely freaked out. One of them ran up to Michael and gave him a huge hug.

The game was similar to Twister, but notably different. Instead of individually laying their hands and feet on colored dots, the players of this game team up with a partner and have to hold colored hoops against each others’ bodies in various impractical ways.

As the game ensued, the members of each team became increasingly intertwined into hysterical human pretzels. One of the challenges was for one member to hold a ring against the other team member’s head using only his or her nose. Michael was stuck with that challenge on his team. He jokingly said to his partner, “Your hair smells good.”


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