Ellen: Michael Strahan Sock Superstition; Yes, He Talks To His Socks!


Ellen: Michael Strahan Hits Drew Brees

When former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan walked onstage, he broke the macho football stereotype and danced on his way to his seat. Breaking even more macho stereotypes, he danced well.

“I’m a huge football fan out of nowhere,” Ellen confessed. She said her affinity for the game came on after “the last Super Bowl when the Saints won.”


Ellen: Michael Strahan soon to marry Nicole Murphy

Michael Strahan told Ellen he'll marry Nicole Murphy when she tells him to (image credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Ellen said The Saints are one of her favorite teams because they play for her home town. She then directed Michael‘s attention to Drew Brees‘ jersey, hanging on the wall.

“Yeah Drew, he’s a nice guy, great player,” Michael said. “I used to love to hit him.”


Michael qualified that he loved to hit Drew so much that “I would hit him if I saw him on the street right now.”

Ellen asked if he makes an effort hit the quarterbacks more gently than the other players and Michael laughed indignantly.

“Are you respectful?” she asked. “Cause you’re not supposed to hit them that hard.”

Michael argued that he gets hit hard, so why shouldn’t quarterbacks be hit hard?

“They’re the most visible players in the league,” he said. “They’re pretty. Look at Tom Brady. He’s a pretty guy. I’m not pretty.”

“Look at your girlfriend,” Ellen said in reference to Michael‘s beautiful girlfriend Nicole Murphy. “She’s pretty.”

Michael laughed in agreement. “She’s pretty.”

Ellen: Michael Strahan’s Sock Superstition

Michael confessed that he’s slightly superstitious. He said that he used to lay his socks out before a game and wait for to “see which ones spoke” to him. He said eventually one of the socks would say to him, “I feel like I should be on your right foot today.”

In response, Ellen teased him and asked him how many times he got hit in the head. Michael assured her it wasn’t just silly superstition.

“It worked!” he said. “I still do it today.”

Ellen: Michael Strahan Marrying Nicole

“You’re going to get married soon, right?” Ellen asked Michael.

“Whenever she tells me to,” Michael said.

Then Ellen aired a marriage equality commercial that Michael made with his girlfriend Nicole and thanked him for supporting the cause.

Michael Strahan Super Bowl Predictions

When Ellen asked Michael who he thought would go to the Super Bowl this year, he hardly hesitated.

Erin Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers,” he said. “And the Baltimore Ravens.”

Ellen said she agreed that the Packers would make it, but she said that she thought they’d be playing the Saints instead. Her bias may have had something to do with it, given that she is from New Orleans.

“That sounds like a bet to me,” Michael said.

They agreed to bet $15 on it (Ultimately they were both wrong).

Michael Strahan Turns 40

Michael‘s birthday was just around the corner and Ellen said she had a gift for him.

“I have some socks that you’re going to be able to talk to,” she said as she pulled out a clothesline full of mismatched socks.

“Perfect!” Michael said. “I guarantee you they talk to me.”

Ellen: Michael Strahan Shirtless Tank Dunk

As part of her fundraising efforts for breast cancer awareness, Ellen asked Michael to sit in a dunk tank.

“You’re gonna have to take all of this stuff off,” she said, gesturing at his clothes.

Michael began to take his clothes off and climbed into the dunk tank wearing his shirt and a pair of shorts.

“I’m not very good at this,” Ellen said as she grabbed a football. “You may be up there for a long time.”

She tried several times to throw the football at the dunk button, but missed each time.

“You’re better than this!” Michael said. “Come on, Ellen!”

To goad her, Michael took off his shirt. That seemed to work. Shortly thereafter, Ellen successfully sent him falling into the water-filled tank.


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