Ellen: Michael J Fox and The Michael J Fox Foundation


Michael J Fox: First Appearance on Ellen

Ellen was thrilled to have legendary actor and activist Michael J Fox appear on the show for the very first time. Michael usually spends most of his time with his family on the east coast, so Ellen was lucky to nab him while he was visiting out west.

Michael had recently been nominated for two Emmy Awards, for his guest appearances on both The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Michael lost both trophies, but thankfully, he had a loving family by his side to make him feel better. “Loser-loser-double-loser-as-if-whatever-get-the-picture-duh!” is what his ten-year-old daughter told him. How sweet!


Ellen: Michael J Fox Foundation

Michael J Fox appeared on Ellen for the very first time. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Regardless of wins or losses, Ellen and everyone in the audience agreed that it’s great to have Michael back on television.

Michael J Fox: Living with Parkinson’s Disease

Michael was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1991, and has famously been living with the disease for over twenty years now. It’s a difficult situation, to say the least, but Michael has managed to make the best of it and has a great attitude. The cocktail of medication is different for everyone who has Parkinson’s, but Michael seems to think that he’s found the right combination. “I have a beautiful wife and these great kids,” he told Ellen. “I’m so lucky. Life is just good.”


The bright side of Michael’s diagnosis is that he’s been able to start an incredible foundation, The Michael J Fox Foundation, that has helped raise close to 300 million dollars for science and research. He travels a lot, and gets to speak to many different people. “If you imagine the worst case scenario and then it happens, you’ve lived it twice,” he also said.

Michael J Fox: How He Met Wife Tracy

Michael has been married to his wife, Tracy, for twenty-four years now. The couple first met when she was a guest star on Michael’s hit 1980s sitcom Family Ties. They were doing a scene together, and he made a rude comment to her; he told her that her breath stunk like garlic! When Tracy called Michael an “A-Hole,” he said he knew he was in love.

 Ellen: Raising Money for Michael J Fox Foundation

Ellen had a great idea to raise even more money for the Michael J Fox Foundation. Guitar Center donated a red Gibson guitar that both Ellen and Michael signed. Ellen will have the show’s musical guests also sign the guitar, and then will put it up for auction on Ebay. A great idea to help a great cause!


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