Ellen: Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick & Emily Blunt Into the Woods


Ellen: Meryl Streep Falls Off Stage

Meryl Streep, Anna Kendrick, and Emily Blunt all came by Ellen to talk about their movie Into the WoodsOn the way out, they all danced, and Meryl Streep fell off the stage because she thought it was bigger than it was. But she landed on her feet, recovered gracefully, and wasn’t hurt in the slightest.

Meryl Streep came by Ellen with her Into the Woods costars Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt to talk about the new film. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Meryl Streep came by Ellen with her ‘Into the Woods’ costars Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt to talk about the new film. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


Anna Kendrick said she thought Meryl Streep was just “really committing to bringing levels to this performance.” But no one seemed to get that she was trying to make a pun. Meryl said she was just really blind and her glasses weren’t very good because they were a new prescription.

Ellen TV: Emily Blunt Singing

Ellen said she knew Meryl and Anna sing, but she didn’t know Emily Blunt did. Emily said she doesn’t like singing for other people because she finds it frightening. But she was able to overcome her fears.

Emily’s husband John Krasinski had never heard her sing before the movie. When she was preparing for the audition, he wanted her to sing it for him and she wouldn’t do it. Emily said she was beet red when she was walking out the door for the audition.


Ellen: ‘Into the Woods’ Singing Live

Anna Kendrick said the costumes made singing live more challenging. Meryl Streep said they did a pre-record for all of the music. But when it came to shooting it, they had to match and sing along with themselves. Sometimes, they did it live because it was just easier. Or they would start live and morph into what they had already recorded.

Ellen TV: Meryl Streep Messing Up at the Table Read

Anna Kendrick said there was a debate in the cast, because Meryl Streep made a mistake once that she had never made before at the table read. The cast all suspected she had made the mistake on purpose to make the cast feel better.

“Good. You think that,” Meryl Streep joked.

Ellen said Meryl Streep was an amazing human being and a great actress.

“It’s very hard to be me, as you can imagine,” she said. She also joked that while she’s not right all the time, she feels like she is because people treat her that way.

Ellen: Anna Kendrick “Cups”

Anna Kendrick said she didn’t know how her success with “Cups” happened. It seemed like the success was somewhat accidental for her. Ellen said she liked the video.

Ellen TV: Emily Blunt ‘Into the Woods’

Emily Blunt said Into the Woods is an amalgamation of the most famous fairy tales that everyone knows. At the beginning of the movie, the baker and the baker’s wife are unable to have children due to a curse put on them by a witch. In order to break the curse, they have to get several magical items, including a slipper as pure as gold (from Cinderella), a cape as red as blood (Little Red Riding Hood), a cow as white as milk (Jack and the Bean Stalk), and hair as yellow as corn (Rapunzel).

Meryl Streep said that was a really good description. “I mean, I knew there were four things, but I couldn’t remember what they were,” Meryl Streep said.

“Now I’m beginning to think you really did forget your words,” Ellen joked.

Ellen: Meryl Streep Cow

In the film, they had to work with a cow. Meryl Streep said when the cow got tired, she would lean against the nearest actor and just lean with all her weight. The cow weighed 800 pounds.

Ellen TV: Emily Blunt Vocal Exercises

The cast also showed off their vocal exercises in preparing for their roles. Emily Blunt did an exercise that was basically her saying “goo goo ga ga” in key and Anna said she was so beautiful, regal, and British that Emily Blunt looked statuesque and graceful even when she was doing that.

Ellen: Emily Blunt, Meryl Streep & Anna Kendrick Heads Up

Then Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt played Meryl Streep and Ellen in a game of Heads Up. This Heads Up game was special because they couldn’t talk and had to act out the things.

Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt won the contest, which Anna Kendrick pointed out was pretty cool because they just beat Meryl Streep in an acting contest.

Into the Woods is out December 25, 2014.


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