Ellen: Meredith Viera Returning To ‘Today Show’ For 2012 Olympics


Ellen: Meredith Viera 2012 Olympics

You’ll be seeing a familiar face with your coffee this summer, as Meredith Viera reports on the 2012 London Summer Olympics for her former home, the Today Show.

After disussing The Bachelor & Box Wine, Ellen and Meredith talked about what’s next for the former Today Show anchor.


Ellen: Meredith Viera Today Show 2012 London Olympics

Meredith Viera told Ellen she's going back to the Today Show for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Meredith Viera Olympics Fantasy

Meredith said the gig will last three weeks. Ellen has never been to the Olympics before, and Meredith suggested that she take her show to London this summer. Ellen didn’t rule anything out, saying she might even compete in the Olympics, maybe in Shot Put.

Speaking of fantasies, Meredith said she imagines herself winning a gold medal each time the Olympics come around.


“In the Summer Olympics, it’s gymnastics. In the Winter Olympics, it’s skating,” she told Ellen.

Meredith’s active imagination was enough to drive Ellen back to her plastic cup of boxed wine.

Meredith Viera’s Husband Richard Cohen: “I Want To Kill My Dog”

Ellen asked about Meredith Viera’s husband Richard M. Cohen, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. “Richard’s doing great,” she said. “He’s writing a book right now, I Want To Kill My Dog.”

Animal lover Ellen didn’t find the title very funny, but Meredith explained that Richard simply gets annoyed with the dog occasionally. When she stepped down from the Today Show, Meredith said she wanted to spend more time with her family, especially while her husband is healthy.

Meredith Viera’s Husband Richard Gives Bad Presents

Meredith said her husband doesn’t give the best presents. He gave her a backpack for Christmas, which she said she loved, but her friends didn’t think was romantic. Her birthday is December 30, right after Christmas.

For her birthday, her husband gave her a Harvard sweatshirt, instead of the stud earrings she wanted. To add insult to injury, she never got into Harvard.

“That’s horrible,” Ellen said. She gave Meredith stud earrings from the Ellen Shop, featuring Ellen’s smiling face.

Meredith modeled the earrings, and Ellen said her face might encourage Meredith’s husband to be nice to his dog.

Ellen: Meredith Viera Rock Center

Meredith Viera made sure to scoop up the box of wine before making her exit. Ellen said she is also a special correspondent for the Brian Williams Rock Center newsmagazine, which airs Wednesday nights on NBC.


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