Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Bridesmaids 2 Sequel & Saturday Night Live


Ellen: Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy talked about the possibility of a Bridesmaids 2 sequel and acted out a possible scene with Ellen.

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Home

Melissa McCarthy told Ellen she’s a tumbleweed, never happy to settle in any one place too long.


Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Bridesmaids 2 Sequel

Melissa McCarthy told Ellen about the Bridesmaids 2 sequel and acted out a possible scene. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

“I could never even think about a house that is even done,” Melissa said. “I wanna buy something that’s barely standing. I really do. I wanna redo everything.”

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Spanx

Melissa said she’s currently having a fence built in front of her house, but she might have to hire new people to finish it because she was afraid that she may have alienated the current workers.


Apparently, she was told to wear Spanx for work and decided to put them on before she left the house so that she wouldn’t lose them.

Sounds perfectly logical.

But somehow the shoulder bags she had on were tight enough that they pulled her sweater up to her breasts and caused her pants to fall to her ankles.

Melissa didn’t realize what had happened until after she had spent a few minutes chatting with the bewildered workers.

“I saw them today and I think they’re a little weirded out by me,” Melissa said. “They’re always suddenly measuring something.”

Melissa said that it was a recent incident, having taken place within the last two weeks.

“You’re handling it well,” Ellen said. “I would have just moved that day.”

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Saturday Night Live

Ellen showed a clip of the recent episode of Saturday Night Live that Melissa McCarthy hosted. The clip featured the hysterical moment in which Melissa squirted a whole bottle of ranch dressing all over her face.

“When you do something like that, how do you not start laughing?” Ellen asked.

Melissa said she pressures herself by saying internally, “Don’t screw this up, McCarthy!”

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Ivory Facebook Soap Dish

Melissa McCarthy said she was very excited that Ivory was relaunching its soap.

“They’re doing this thing on Facebook called ‘Soap Dish,'” she said. “It’s this great place where you can go and talk to other moms and kind of realize, ‘You’re doing fine.'”

Referring to her earlier conversation with Ellen, Melissa said, “It’s a site that you can go to and say, ‘I dropped my pants in front of three people.'”

“That could turn into a whole different kind of site,” Ellen said.

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Bridesmaids 2 Sequel

Ellen told Melissa McCarthy that she hopes a Bridesmaids 2 sequel is in the works.

“I keep getting asked about it,” Melissa said.

According to ABC News, director Paul Feig would love to do a Bridesmaids sequel if it were “as good or better than the original.” However, Kristen Wiig has said that she has no intention of being participating in a sequel.

Apparently, Ellen just adores the original film.

“If anyone has not seen the movie Bridesmaids, I urge you to see it,” she said. “It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.”

Ellen loves the movie so much that if there is a sequel, she said she’s going to invite herself onto the cast. Melissa said she was fine with that and even suggested they start a petition to make it happen.

Ellen: Melissa McCarthy Bridesmaids 2 Sequel Scene

Ellen and Melissa acted out a mock scene that Ellen thinks should be in the potential Bridesmaids sequel.

“I said I wanted to be in the sequel to Bridesmaids so I wrote up a little scene,” Ellen said. “By the way, Melissa’s not seen any of it, but I think she’s going to be OK.”

In the haphazard scene Ellen threw together, Melissa reprised her role as Megan, but this time, she was the one getting married. In fact, she was about to marry the air marshal from the first film. Interestingly enough, the actor who played the air marshal is her husband in real life.

Ellen played Megan’s long lost sister in the scene.

“I knew we had to be sisters when I hit you with my car,” Ellen said.

The scene was hysterical. It featured Ellen and Melissa riding on motorcycles on their way to Melissa’s wedding.

Ellen & Melissa McCarthy: Bridesmaids 2

Every few seconds, Ellen would announce that they were approaching another obstacle and a stage hand would throw something in Melissa’s face. First it was a branch, then it was a bunch of fake leaves, and later it was bats.

Melissa started to wise up to the act and attempted to manipulate the stagehands to attack Ellen with the same obstacles.

“This is so weird, why is there a perfume tester out here?” Ellen said aloud to signal one of the stagehands to spray Melissa with perfume.

“What’s even weirder is she’s coming back by you,” Melissa said.

“No, she’s not,” Ellen said.

Sadly, the stagehands were too spineless to follow Melissa’s implicit instructions. It would have been hysterical to see the tables turn on Ellen.

Finally, Ellen and Melissa made it to the church for Melissa’s wedding.

“Oh look–We made it!” Ellen said. “Let’s go get you married.”

Then, commanding her minions to attack Melissa once more, Ellen yelled, “Branch!” and Melissa was hit in the face with a branch one last time.

As the credits for the scene rolled, one of the stagehands was credited as the “branch holder upper” which was kind of funny.


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