Ellen: Megan Mullally Breaking In & Parks and Recreation


Ellen: Megan Mullally Interview

After spending years creating a memorable role, actress Megan Mullally is returning to TV to create a new sitcom character.

Megan and Ellen DeGeneres are old friends, and they lamented that it had been so long since they’d seen one another.


Ellen: Megan Mullally

Actress Megan Mullally talked about her new role in Fox's Breaking In, and playing opposite her real life husband Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation. (Image Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)

Megan Mullally Breaking In

Megan Mullally is a new addition to the cast of the Fox sitcom Breaking In, which is about to kick off its second season. She plays a self-described bratty character whose company has taken over the high tech security firm where the Christian Slater series is set.

Ellen noted that this is the latest in a line of Megan’s crazy characters, and she said she loves playing wacky characters on TV.


You can watch Megan Mullally and her new co-stars in the second season of Breaking In, which premieres Tuesday, March 6, 2012 on Fox.

Megan Mullally The Bachelor

Megan Mullally is yet another of Ellen’s famous fans of ABC’s reality dating series The Bachelor. She weighed in on the show that has captivated Ellen and her guests recently.

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“How crazy is it going to be if Courtney wins?” Megan said. “It’s going to be such television history if she wins.”

Ellen and Kacie B said that they believe Courtney Will Win The Bachelor.

Megan Mullally Husband Nick Offerman: Parks and Recreation

Megan has guest starred opposite her real life husband Nick Offerman, who stars as manly man Ron Swanson in NBC’s sitcom Parks and Recreation. She said they met in 2000, and it was fun to work together on the show.

In Parks and Recreation, Megan plays one of Ron’s ex-wives, who are both named Tammy. Ron and Tammy’s gimmick is their aggressive, disturbing physical romance, which the couple has practiced at home for the show.

Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman

“Our goal is to really horrify the people on the set, and we have succeeded,” Megan said.

Ellen hoped that wouldn’t affect their off screen real life romance. “Our real life kissing is a little disturbing also,” Megan joked.

Megan also won two Emmy Awards for her portrayal of Karen Walker on the NBC sitcom Will & Grace.


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