Ellen: Maya Rudolph’s ‘Up All Night’ Ellen Impression & Son Jack


Ellen Maya Rudolph

Ellen interviewed Maya Rudolph about her new son Jack and about her new show, Up All Night.

Ellen: Maya Rudolph Up All Night Review

Ellen: Maya Rudolph Up All Night

Maya Rudolph stars in the NBC comedy Up All Night, with Christina Applegate and Will Arnett. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Ellen shared a video clip from Maya Rudolph’s new show Up All Night. The clip showed her character, Ava, struggling to properly hold the baby of her producer, Reagan. Maya stars in Up All Night alongside Will Arnett and Christina Applegate.

Ellen: Maya Rudolph’s Unflattering Dress

I couldn’t help but speculate that Maya Rudolph felt self conscious about her body, having recently given birth to her third child. Perhaps I was reading too far into this, but she walked out onstage in a horribly unflattering dress. It was ruffled and loose and made her look like she was still pregnant.

Ellen: Maya Rudolph’s Son Jack

Shortly after her last visit to Ellen, Maya gave birth to her son Jack.


“He was 8 pounds 5 ounces,” Maya said. “So he was fully cooked.”

Maya said that her daughters, six-year-old Pearl and two-year-old Lucy adore their baby brother.

“They love Jack,” Maya said. “They’re like two little grandmas.”

Maya said that the girls have heard the lovingly simple timbre with which the adults speak to the baby and now they’ve been imitating it.

Up All Night: Maya Rudolph Vs Ellen?

Ellen couldn’t help but observe that on Up All Night, Maya plays a lively and fun talk show host with a young African American DJ as her sidekick. Ellen asked if that was intentionally modeled after her and her DJ Tony. Maya didn’t outright say that was the case, but she seemed to imply it.

“We come from the SNL universe of taking from pop culture and trying to emulate to make it more believable,” Maya said. “So when you think of fun daytime talk, your show is amazing.”

“It’s the only show there is!” Ellen joked.

Ellen: Maya Rudolph Vs Oprah

Ellen commended Maya for her hilarious imitation of Oprah on Saturday Night Live.

Maya said she loves doing Oprah.

“She’s such an incredibly positive force,” Maya said. “When people found out I did Oprah, they’d smile.”


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